I am sorry that I actually forgot to update my weekly post of Weekly Rinscribble. I was getting used to just being a useless jerk playing games, watching Youtube and spamming cuteness in Facebook. it isn’t a good excuse at all.


I guess after getting injured, i was focusing on doing anything to distract me from the pain. Was spending too much time in Warframe, especially little brother really wanted me to be in the game. not that interested though, grinding required is too much. Playing LoL again, and I won ONE pvp game as jungler Udyr, despite my lack of confidence to win after a firstblood death to Master Yi. Maybe I was being calm, with ∀NSWER song loop. maybe coz I kinda follow advice and use what Youtuber does. Maybe my teammates carry me. Feel like I have been making good shot call, except maybe two noob deaths. I dunno, I didn’t save the result of the match.

Then, maybe my social anxieties kicked in again… I dun feel like going out of the room. Being too comfortable in the comfort zone again I guess.

At least I am making progress with my Clannad. I decided to play some of my unfinished visual novels. Really love Clannad ❤


26. [Weekly Rinscribble] Almost forgot to write this post

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

Well, kinda. coz I actually forgot about this. so it’s kinda short. Not that I actually do anything much anyway. I am resting at home this week because of my injury. Right now it isn’t as painful at all times as before, but if I ever exert a little bit more, it hurt quite a lot.

30 May 2017

I went to the hospital again. Doctor explained how is the injury really is. In short, just a crack to one of my rib bones. I don’t wanna say here how it happened. It will be in general, healed in 2 weeks. So I had to ask for medical leave from my supervisor.

31 May 2017

Eating the painkiller pills is a requirement for me. I don’t move much, even when I am lying down on my bed or sitting on chair to eat.

1 June 2017

One of my little sister just realized that I got hurt bad. She asked me where is the leg that got hurt. “Huh… Leg?” I had to explained it carefully to her. One thing special about me is that most of my little sisters are quite close to me, so she was worried. Maybe coz I always kind to them, or at least tried. Perhaps I was being too soft as they are females, but still, they are my siblings. I don’t need to be that kind to the boys though. muwhahaahahahha.

2- 5 June 2017

For these few days, I just watch Youtube, buy some foods for our family, watch a little bit of anime, play Garena’s League of Legends, Steam’s Paladins, Warframe and Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun. Oh, also read facebook, post some cuteness spam in the anime facebook page and group. A little bit of watching moe anime too. Do not reminds me about a certain mahou shoujo. A little bit of Nono spam in twitter. I think I also uploaded most of Nono image in a Facebook album in my profile too.

hinako note is the hype of moe now

It seems to be becoming better for a Gunpla anime.

this girl is badass btw.

Uninstall LoL because I feel my PC is laggy. It seems to be less laggy now, also when I accidentally deleted Paladins too. Always hate their persistent process garenadll and hipatch that seems to hog some memory for no reason. Even Avast said Garena client showed behaviour of a malware. I always lag whenever I played these two games, maybe coz their peer to peer connection style that TMNet Streamyx really hate (related to torrent). Warframe was fun  trying to grind although it will take so long. Shadow Tactic was finished today. Considered one of the best RTS I ever played. Still love that Yuki the thief style gameplay. I think she might be the most used character for me.

This is not Yuki. 😛


Yama no Susume and NEW GAME! anime series gonna have more season soon.

Airing this July 2017

Next Year 2018, with an OVA  Yama no Susume: Omoide Present (Memories Present) this fall 2017



25. [Weekly Rinscribble] I am officially hired now

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.


Tuesday 23 May 2017

Due to technical difficulties and full flight seats, I went to Miri tomorrow instead of today. Miss a travelling day, but that’s just how it is. Sitting in the office doing some of the on job training, progressing a bit more. I got scolded by boss though, coz I came late to the office.

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Woke up early in the morning, get into a flight to Miri, directly after leaving my bag at hotel I meet with them for my on job training. Huhu… and after that rushing, all we did was sign some stuff and I’m done. I have the whole evening for myself. Oh, I also bought some food that put in a box that seems to be given to orphanage. I am pretty sure its legit.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Went back home, coz I scheduled to work again tomorrow. I bought some chocolate, kinda like a gift as I am pretty happy with finishing half of my on job training.

Friday 26 May 2017

Boss told me to go to the office instead for finishing the confirmation form.

And this week, I am a more established worker, i mean i won’t be easily thrown out of company. I think. Meh, I’m just happy I paid lunch for some of the office workers. Had enough in my budget for a little spending. I still need to wait for the confirmation letter/ emails. Though supervisor reminded me to finish the on job training so i can start on the next progress, that allow me to upgrade my pay grade. Hmm.. I’ll try.

Saturday 27 May 2017

I kinda messed up at the job, although it’s more of I forgot one thing, and another one is not my specialty. I know how to run the wells, but there are some small details I forgot, but they don’t believe me that I know. There was never actually any hands-on experience for me to do it myself, coz they all wanted to do it quickly. Of course they can, since they have experience, and I may be slower coz I never done it. No chance given simply coz I took more time learning.

And damn recently we are having hot days, even in the midnight.

It was so hot I wish I have an air conditioner in my room.

Sunday 28 May 2017

i was kinda tested for my capability as a technician. And there are some feedback saying I’m being kinda, hmm… how to say it in English? Arrogant. I don’t think I did, but maybe how I reacted looked that way.

Coz, the way they asked, “Do you know this?” Of course the answer is, if I do know, is ” Yes I know it.” They think I lied. I don’t lie that good. I have always been truthful in that I am only confidently answer something if I actually know it. If I lack knowledge I just say I dunno. Maybe too much “I dunno” that make them think I know nothing and pretend to know. Sometime I knew but I was nervous and forgot things. No one believed me though.

And they also said that my face when people, um, give feedback to me, looks like I wanna kill them. When it’s actually my serious face. I don’t focus very well normally, so when people talk to me, if I wanna give full attention to them, I always put on that face. I don’t focus when I smile. As if they believed me when I said that. It’s the truth, but no one trust me anymore. Oh well.

And then, weather became worse, so we went back home early.

Monday 29 May 2017

You know how we can see who actually care if they contact you when you are not there? And when you’re sick? And we can see those with some guilt in their heart that may have revenge or bad intention towards me just run away and not looking into my eyes when I am in trouble?

I now see them. Ah, it is quite painful indeed. I don’t feel like giving details coz it means every one of them will know I am the one writing here.

It hurt a lot just to move. I don’t really show it that much, except with some weird body posture when I walk. Try to keep on smiling. There are times I got angry with small things coz it’s painful. You know, I like imagining how I looked like to other people. And what I think about it either they sympathize with me, or they think I’m pretending to be sick. Maybe they will only believed it if I was hospitalized

So in conclusion, despite I having a better job position, I feel like my relationship with my work colleague is at the worse end. Some do well with me, but more often than not, it’s because they kind, or they prefer have good relationship with anyone(pretending I guess). Others want me to give them something in return for their friendship, I think. I don’t go around throwing money to make friends. Even if  this means I’ll have hard time, I don’t want friends that is gonna be there just when it’s suit them. When I have money. When I spend money for their foods in the cafe/restaurant. We have pretty good pay,but doesn’t mean I can just spent it all for others. I have my family, myself to think about. I don’t care they think I am selfish. Saving money for future were the reason I can use my new PC now, the one I saving for months. Maybe 2 years, considering I save it since my part time job.

Oh well, I am just rambling about here. 🙂 I don’t have anyone I can ramble to that don’t judge me, so I typed my thoughts here hehe:P

Cy@ later


24. [Weekly Rinscribble] Company Dinner

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

It’s not like I actually scribble things like drawing here.. but yeah. 😛 Since I ended last week with Wednesday, I start this one at Thursday.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Friday 19 may 2017

Saturday 20 May 2017

I spent most of my time just playing games on my new PC. finally I had the chance to do so. Friday was the day I finished getting my copy of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.  My first time ever playing a game on ultra high setting and it work out well.

The game was great, so realistic-looking and feels. At first just playing normal difficulty, but as I getting better, I chose to use Hard difficulty, removing the aim assistance and red dot when I sniping.

I also watched some anime series that I catching up with. And also Tamako Market. Finally I watched it, and omg I won’t ever regret it. so cute ❤ Kinda wish I watched it earlier.

Sunday 21 May 2017

I try to manage my flight, but for some reason the server didn’t find my profile. I don’t like how common this has happened. For a company to have system that always have bugs and problems is… problematic.

This day I slept later at midnight. I forgot that the next day event is not just dinner at night.

Monday 22 May 2017

There was a event at hotel of anniversary of the platforms. In the morning and afternoon is the more knowledge part, or rather, lectures. There was interesting part that told the history of our oil field. I was actually quite tired coz I slept late last night. I woke up and somehow remembered I should be going in the morning, quickly take shower and prepare myself in short amount of time.

As usual, the event by the company provided with more than enough food. I really should control my food consumption. I somehow got coughing again.

I think the reason why last week I got sick is because of smokes from cigarettes get into a closed space (room with airconditioner). Coz it happened again today. Ah, even now as I type I having headaches and coughs painfully.

oh well.

cy@ later everyone 🙂


24. [Weekly RinScribble] Plan Staying nights for Turnaround/Getting sick instead/ Yay new PC

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.


Tuesday 9 May 2017

I went to settle my Lesen L. It is required before I trained practical lesson under a teacher, and able to use motorcycle (without passenger). Talking about getting driver’s license, it is really expensive nowadays. When about a decade ago, we need RM1000. Now it is almost RM2500 total. And I forgot to bring license photos, so I went to photo studio, which also has increase the price from RM12 to RM15.

I went to the office to settle for my on job training. I calculated it and it seems I have it at 50% now. exactly. and I instantly get out of the office coz i am so happy and not wanting to think about it anymore.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

I was thinking about going to a park with my whole family. You know, just for family time, and I also wanna go there out of curiosity. But only bring my brother as driver and little sisters to play in the playground. It was actually pretty fun. I realized how my parent feel every time they bring us out, even just to a picnic. Or eating out in the restaurant. Or going to vacation to KL or Kota Kinabalu. Or just short trip for any of my siblings graduation day. Also it seems I will be getting my PC soon.

At night, we had a black out. I feel hot, and woke up at 0330 hrs. I think power was restored at about 0400.

Thursday 11 May 2017

I feel slightly sick. I didn’t realized I woke up at noon. My throat is painful, I had some headaches. Doesn’t seems like a fever/cold, but I feel like I may. Perhaps due to hot weather and infection from my family that sick right now. Accompany my little brother to buy some stuffs, and took my laundry.

I went to the clinic in the evening as I feel worse. As decided by boss, I should just take a day off. Less overtime, but I prefer to get rest.

Friday 12 May 2017

I feel the coughing got a bit worse, but I still doing well enough.

Saturday 13 May 2017

I supposedly stay in the ship, but was cancelled due to not enough space for me. Even those that really wanted to stay, also can’t. OIM was also there, so I kinda being so nervous with how slow I am and mistakes I made. I was working for most of the time, and don’t have lunch coz we don’t have enough.

Talking about how slow I was, I took long time learning things, and also doing things. It’s like I am afraid of making mistakes. But I still do, whenever I started feeling I can finally do things better. That’s why I always keep on doing stuff slowly.

Sunday 14 May 2017

I woke up early morning for some reason. I was coughing. Uh. I get sicker. Huhu… I told them that I can’t go to work. I am sure some people think I don’t want to go and just make excuses, but I actually do get sick. I don’t like it, but I think I shouldn’t infect people offshore. I went to get sick leave and medicine at clinic.
Wednesday 17 May 2017

For the past few days, I just been playing games, watching anime, resting (or sleeping) and eating medicine. I feel better today. Got the chance to test the power of my PC. finally, I can experience no lag coz of weak PC. Although still got lag due to still using TMNet Streamyx instead of Unifi. Wish they extend the support to my house area. Also still trying to fix my claim for hotel from my previous trip to Miri, and setting up flights for next week trip. Oh, also still didn’t pick up my driver’s license.

So, uh, pls no hate for the late update, and kinda lazy one as I just posted it today. ^_^;; Kinda forgot.

Here’s a cute girl for your forgiveness. 😛


23. Trying to do 5 months work in a week

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

This is exactly me right now. I wanna hide from the eye of others. From the responsibilities. I was procrastinating this whole time yeah, but to deal with a deadline is such a pain. Just wanna stay in comfort zone that is my room, with my laptop, games, internet and anime. But alas, to survive I have the need to go out of this room.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

I was reminded about my on-job training. I am currently at 10%. I needed 50% within this month. lol. just when I finally get the hang of this job description. Luckily the superior and some seniors willing to help me out these few days.

Wednesday 3 May 2017

It is magical you know. I have never been able to do things this fast. I actually started learning faster about my job. And that 10% has gone up to 25% in this 2 days. I wondered if I actually capable of finishing my on job training on the first month if I actually tried? Maybe not, coz I have no experience at all on that time, but now I have been, at least at certain level, familiar with our platforms and tasks by watching different seniors.

Thursday 4 May 2017

I tried to work hard today. But coz I am kinda stupid, I forgot how to take the reading, so I have to wait for a while until a senior available to help me out. This kinda take into my time for my on job training. But for some unknown reason… I am currently at 40%.


You know, no matter how stupid, slow learning and forgetful I am, I usually work hard on it, and even with just small amount of knowledge, that small amount will be hard embedded in myself. just I won’t remember most of the small details. Like, I can do my job, but i will fail in explaining it to them. And here I am, doing things that will make me have zero real knowledge. It isn’t like I didn’t try hard this few days, but still have this weird feeling I don’t deserve it. Some senior compliment me saying he like how I work. Well, coz I only have few daily tasks compared to him have to handle like the whole platform in general as temporary team leader. So, of course I can do it, as long as I focus. Which is really tiring. I can’t do my tasks at night, coz I really need the rest to keep up with the job on the day.

Friday 5 May 2017

The big boss came for just the daily meeting. Uh.

I went to the office to deal with some things, despite going back from work quite late too. And then my facebook was blocked for a too lewd anime pic. Oh well. it just that, on that time it was almost midnight, so I felt like I was blocked for 2 days instead of just one.

Saturday 6 May 2017

My progress is slowing down now. But I still tried. This other platform I assigned to actually has less things to do. Yet it feels taking the whole day since it spread across the whole day. I feel that way coz I was too slow. I don’t want to make any mistake, especially any critical one that can cause loss to the company (and resulting in them firing me).

When I went home, I can’t have fun coz of the Facebook block. So instead I tried to do my on job training.

Sunday 7 May 2017

And guess what? since I was doing it late into the early morning (like 3 am) I was late waking up and go to work. Luckily I barely got in. Unfortunately, I am still having lack of sleep, and today is one really hot sunny day. Well, at least someone was willing to teach me. I have been asking from a lot of seniors, but this one senior is the only one actually made an effort, so despite constant headache and sleepy, I was still trying to understand what he was saying. Well, i got some. Only if he allow me to take note exactly as he said, coz I will always forget details. Like the certain terms he used.

I make a mistake today though. I have done printing the papers, but I didn’t give the last one coz the other colleague is messing with me. Remember when I said I always forget details? I forgot who is the last person face, despite knowing that name. I gave up looking for him in that boat coz I need to take a nap. Yet I got scolded, kinda, coz I didn’t give it to him. Tch. It wasn’t my fault… maybe. I dunno.  I don’t socialize well with others. Still, it is so un-professional of them leaving me hanging when I asked everyone where he was. Not that the supervisor will understand that ever.

Oh yeah, the on-job training. I am so stressed out over this. They were fucking late for making my staff ID for a whole month, yet they still keep the same due date. They should have re-consider me doing almost nothing at the office coz of their incompetency. I don’t care you have thousands of staff to take care of. You have those thousands of staff that can click just one time to just fucking make a 6 digits number. That one number was the one thing make me lost my time and motivation.


Blaming other is bad. Rambling again here too.

Monday 8 May 2017

I tried to do my on job training. but there were too many lifting activities today. And I hate that crane operator. Do you think I do nothing at all? I have some other things to be done too. Besides, those that actually gonna use it will help the lifting. we don’t need 20 men in that small area at same time.

Finally the last day of my work rotation. I want to relax a little bit.  *play games watch youtube watch anime* I can’t do anything much about that on job training anymore for now.


[Weekly RinScribble] 22. Attending Course

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Usually I am at work today, but I am at work course instead. Repeating it is kinda.. well, at least I have seen it before. I wanted to talk to people, coz I have no family at home here haha. That’s what happened to socially inept person that usually cooped up in his room but suddenly have to survive lonely night alone in hotel room. Or when studying in classroom, so need to pretend kinda normal socializing person even tho I prefer playing games or being online…. I need help lol.

I read up in advance the book of the course. I feel like i understand it better this time. Plus some sample question from old revision manual I found before. Tried to give full attention in the class, while several person, including one really big tall guy, auditing the teacher. lol. I didn’t talk to any of them. As usual. Unless I had to, like that guy sitting besides me or I had to talk for group discussion, trying to do thing as a group.

Bought an expensive mineral water bottle coz I wanna drink water. lol. its actually I wanna heat up the mineral water instead of using water from pipe in the hotel. Since, you know, they are renovating and we don’t wanna drink it.

Result: I drink an instant caffe latte. I think that’s what that Nescafe is called.

Thursday 27 April 2017

I was holding myself back from using my laptop. I focused on studying. Apart from watching HBO movies. Well, at least I have prepared, so I don’t have too much mistakes. Or forgotten some small details.

-sigh- I have tried. I, feel like I won’t pass one of the exam, but oh well. Somehow this reminds me of when I was studying before. Studying feel so much easier than working for me. I refrained from eating dinner for a while, because of cost, and I kinda, like, dieting.

On other note, finally watched “Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.” .

“Please make my words, my feeling, into a beautiful song.”

The starting and every development are actually really amazing, just as the hype was all about. But.. uh… the ending, there is one part of it at the castle, I don’t like it. It is perfect for the movie I guess, I just personally don’t like it. Still, somehow I related to her a little.  Actually, a lot. And also that guy. I have done things I am not proud of, and never say things I actually meant.

I was doing it to destroy myself and blame it on others. -sigh- I think I still am doing it now, so maybe that’s why I hate that part.

Although I forgive it for awesome ending with 2 amazing songs. 🙂

Friday 28 April 2017

I had to call for taxi coz my supposedly help sending me to airport suddenly can’t. What I really worry about is claim for transportation with the company isn’t necessary gonna succeed.

On the other hand, I finally got to go back home now. I got to watch latest Cinderella Girls Gekijou ❤ It’s about wedding this time.

Saturday 29 April 2017

Working is hard. -sigh- It isn’t really the kind of job I am good at. Or rather, more like I am being lazy and don’t like to deal with all those adult things. Just wanna go home and play. Studying is easier…


in conclusion: I procrastinated everything. xD

And I also finally bought my dream gaming custom build PC. Part of the reason why I want to work. To get money so I can buy stuff I want like amazing PC. It was a bit better to get help instead of building myself, coz I don’t have enough knowledge about the current hardware. I have never even once open up by myself, a PC. Laptop is easy enough, and only done opening PC with other, more experienced people.

Sunday 30 April 2017

I got some help on some things now. Kinda. I don’t really like… um… you know… cheating. But since I had to do things quickly now, I have to accept those help.

Oh yeah, my decision to use store to build it was a good thing, coz it seems one of the part wasn’t suitable with others, so had to change it. I should get it delivered by next week 🙂

Monday 1 May 2017

It is labor day. and for some reason, I didn’t wake up until just 5 minutes before going to work lol. Maybe I got too stressed out? Or late sleeping? Luckily I finished up quickly and I managed to get the van to wait for a few minutes.

I feel like I starting to get the hang of the work now at basic level. I could do the well test I think,  and some other routine works. Still can’t tell anything about well behaviors and problems though.