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Just $12 for visual novel bundles

I was scrolling down the facebook feed when suddenly a friend posted a link to gift some of sekai project games. I miss the chance, but I just realized how cheap it was.

Currently tempted to buy it, but I wonder if I actually have any money left in the bank.. haha. Due date seems to be around 20 July, so for you guys that have the money and interested in visual novel, why not?


Fatal Twelve – The Thrilling Mystery Visual Novel

Shishimai Rinka was a high schooler who ran a small café named Lion House in place of her grandmother. She lived her life much like any other person her age, but one day, she was caught up in an explosion while returning home on the train alongside her friend, Hitsuji Naomi. In an attempt to save her friend’s life, she shields her on instinct the moment the explosion goes off, losing her life in the process. However, before she knew it, she was back at Lion House, happily chatting with her friends as if nothing had happened in the first place.

“Good evening, my lovely little slaves to fate.”  

A few days later, she found herself in a strange world. Here she met Parca, an odd girl claiming to be a goddess. It turns out that she had somehow become a participant in Divine Selection, a ritual carried out over twelve weeks by twelve people, which allowed them to compete in order to undo their deaths. Yet, what shocked Rinka most of all, was the presence of her friend Mishima Miharu amongst the twelve.

In order to get through Divine Selection, one must eliminate others by gathering information regarding their name, cause of death and regret in the real world, then “electing” them.

This turn of events would lead to her learning about the truth behind her death, as well as her own personal regrets. She would also come to face the reality that Miharu was willing to throw her life away for her sake, as well as the extents to which the other participants would go to for the sake of living through to the end.

Far more experiences than she ever could have imagined awaited her now, but where will her resolve lead her once all is said and done…?


All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tue, April 18 2017 7:00 AM AWST.

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Maitetsu -VN about train

Summary: Maitetsu takes place in an alternate reality in Japan, where railroads were the most popular form of travel and transportation. But the difference with these railways is that the trains were paired up with humanoid modules called “Railords.” Due to a popular new form of travel, the railroads were practically forgotten about and eventually, railways were discontinued.
Players will assume the role of Sotetsu, a recent high school graduate who, shortly after entering University, decides to return to his adoptive hometown to save it from water pollution caused by the proliferation of factories. By chance, Sotetsu reawakens “Hachiroku,” a recently decommissioned Railord. He becomes her owner and decides to assist her in finding her missing locomotive, the “8620,” while attempting to save his hometown in the process.

I found out about this visual novel / eroge about train from an article about cancelled Kumamoto Railway Fundraiser poster that has similar design, or actually her. they dont want children found out about it.

Looks similar to Hachiroku

Sekai project said that the english translation is almost finished, from the VNDB it might be somewhere around this year. More info here


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Trick & Treat – memorable free visual novel

“Trick & Treat is a Visual Novel that test your instincts by making choices that can get you out from the cursed forest or drive you to death… or maybe just maybe your choices can guide you to something more?”

I love reading visual novel, and found free one on Steam just after a game in Moekuri made me instantly installing it and try it. This free short visual novel is really good despite being free. the summary written by the producer is perfectly describing it.

It introduced us about everything in an interesting manner. as example, those unknown characters visual are hidden or name are unknown “friends” or “girls”.

This make me just wanna keep on playing. The choices are obvious if you have played any other longer visual novel. They said there are 8 endings, and I hinted to you some of it only unlocked after others. Which made the visual novel all more interesting in its routing programming.

In term of character, they are very memorable, not because of how unique they are to other visual novel characters, but you spent time with them in the story. even the side characters friends of protagonist has some quirk before we forget them for the girls 😛 they girls have some depths or background that you can rememebered them with.

The story are really interesting, to me at least. the setting is in modern world with fantasy flavour, with some short romance here and there. But the potential are great and they actually managed reached that potential. I am surprised they have done this just as a side project for Halloween. the twist are also quite interesting, but not that surprising. Still done it great with the timing as you grown attached with the characters.

I was hoping it is voiced, but even so, the soundtracks and effects sounds are pretty good match for each scenes.

Overall, this visual novel is great for its price (free). I don’t mind paying some for their effort of bring this story to life. You can get this game on steam, where we can get 5 achievements for the game as you progress until the end of all 8 endings.

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[Kickstarter] Re: Sharin no Kuni Project

There is a English localisation for Sharin no Kuni visual novel series.

A friend in visual novel group share the youtube video, therefore informing me about this project.

I only knew some stories from its epilogue part, but do know it has quite troublesome setting of characters, most likely gonna be sad storyline. Coz even at beginning the drama is too real. “Duties” and stuff like that. Even the opening trailer song are sad, don’t you think? I wanted this.

Unfortunately, I ran out of funds now, so at the very least, informing others about it to help.

> Kickstarter link <