Incoming adorable SRPG Moekuri! International Edition in 2 days!

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I just got an email from Kickstarter:

Thanks to the efforts of everyone who backed, shared, and voted on Greenlight, we have a fantastic announcement for you today! The negotiations are complete, and everything is set to release Moékuri on to Steam and on December 16th, 2016! Yup, that’s in just 2 Days, this Friday!

-Project Update #18: It’s adorable! It’s tactical! A doujin/indie SRPG – Moékuri! by Culture Select

Yay I am going to get my Steam copy of Moekuri! soon!

Eternal Senia, Steam

Eternat Senia – A Great free to play ARPG

Summary: Years ago, Senia’s village was wiped out by demons, leaving her the only survivor after a priestess, Magaleta, saved her. Magaleta adopts Senia to live a peaceful life at her monastery, but their happiness ends after Magaleta ventures into the ominous Tower of Eternity without telling anyone. Luckily, Senia learned to wield a sword, so it’s up to her to follow Magaleta into the tower and hopefully bring her back.Unfortunately, it is said that the Tower of Eternity can grant one’s wish, but at the cost of being possessed by a malevolent power. What kind of wish is Magaleta seeking? What other people are using this power to grant their wishes? Senia will find the answer to these questions as she climbs this tower.


I have finished Eternal Senia in Steam, a free action rpg. It was a sad story, but a great adventure. Quite short, but it is definitely worth it. 10/10 you should try it. 4 hours gameplay for me.

eternal senia

It is a little different from other games, in that you simply use cursor to move AND attack. QWER will be your skills. so it is very simple gameplay, yet still offer depth with its crafting system, dungeon-like( kinda like allow us grinding) so it is easier to win boss level, and a cute fairy too. Which only role is mostly to wake Senia up when she fainted… I just realized it, I love how they look like, as if it is from Ragnarok Online. Oh, it is sort of a tribute to that awesome mmorpg that I have never passed lvl 20 playing. 😛

she is determined skills i didn't finish the armorkilling angel

There are 3 endings. Really wish has better ending though… >_> Then again, even if they keep it that way, I think this is a masterpiece already. Something like any other visual novel. I can’t think of any example right now for a good bad end visual novel… >_< I don’t wanna spoil you, it really is worth it if you play and reach it yourself.

At least Senia is still a normal, cute teenage girl even thought she is more badass than me for swinging that sword around.

tiny fairy is cute

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My “Choice of Robots”

I got this steam game at pretty cheap price.


Despite being text-based game, it is pretty interesting, different choices brings me a lot of different result. Reminds me of that your own adventure book I read once in the past.  This is my latest story, and I think I am pretty proud of my adventure this time. No more robot rebellion, or conquering world with my robot army. 😛

Year: 2049

54-year-old Dr. Alan !Kwane
Humanity: 74%
Gender: male
Fame: 10 (Internationally Famous)
Wealth: 11 (Quite Wealthy)
Romance: Married to Flame


Autonomy: 8 (In Beta)
Military: 12 (Stable)
Empathy: 45 (Singular)
Grace: 23 (Impressive)

Professor Ziegler (Bad): 44%
Eiji (Good): 54%
Josh (Great): 74%
Mark (Great): 74%
Juliet (Bad): 27%
Tammy (Bad): 46%
President Irons (Good): 55%
Flame (Great): 95%

World Power Balance
China: 55% U.S.: 45%

Summary of Completed Chapters

Chapter 1

On the day you first built Ariel, you awoke from a dream about a robot cloud to head to the lab. Your graduate school advisor pressured you to make Ariel more acceptable to the military. After some back and forth, you ended up making a metal bipedal robot with a puppet head and humanoid hands.

Then you went back to your place to teach Ariel some words.

Chapter 2

The next day, you hooked up Ariel’s biodiesel engine and demoed for Air Force Captain Juliet Rogers. You then spent the afternoon at a knife-throwing practice with Juliet and Ariel.

As months passed, you became busy teaching Ariel about the world through movies and taking her to the park. Your funding from the NSF kept you in Professor Ziegler’s good graces during this time.

In time, Mark Ali, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, heard about Ariel and asked for an interview. You agreed.

Chapter 3

You gave Mark an interview, and allowed Mark to come back to your place to interview Ariel.

Mark wrote an article that was generally positive about you and Ariel. When Professor Ziegler found out about the article, he was very displeased, but decided that the most effective way to get you out of his hair was to let you graduate.

Mark’s article also attracted the attention of one “robotObsession1987,” known in real life as Tammy Cooper. When you met up over coffee, she told you that she used to do classified robotics work for a government lab, but left because she couldn’t tell what nefarious purpose the technology would be used for.

You found yourself attracted to Tammy, despite or maybe because of the fact that she was kind of a mess. The next day, you went out with Tammy and decided to go out with each other from then on.

A month or so later, you received your doctorate. Shortly thereafter, your father passed away. You resolved then to work on better medical technology that could save people like your father in the future.

You decided the best way to change the world was to start a business, which you named ArielWorks. Tammy had already volunteered to be your first employee.

Chapter 4

Your first potential client for ArielWorks was Galen Medical, a surgical equipment company. They were happy with the state of your technology, and gave you a contract that allowed you to purchase a factory. That allowed you to build a robot factory in Silicon Valley. You hired an all-human workforce as a gesture to the local community. When you finally shipped robots to Galen Medical, they were pleased with the robots you delivered. Your company did well enough that Josh gave up and joined your company.

Your business suffered a blow when Chinese companies, aided by Chinese government hackers, began to steal your technology.

You were visited by a politician, Jacqueline Irons, who asked for a campaign donation. You gave a significant donation, and Irons won the presidency. The newly elected President enacted a series of protectionist bills that ultimately made China angry, and they cut off the U.S. supply of rare earths. Meanwhile, you married the love of your life, Tammy.

The tensions between the United States and China came to a head with the assassination of the Chinese Prime Minister in San Francisco. War followed shortly thereafter.

Chapter 5

Captain Rogers invited you to a military lab. There, you saw that Professor Ziegler was copying your work and passing it off as his own to the military. Captain Rogers asked you to join the country’s war effort. You agreed, but specified that you only wanted to provide robots that were nonviolent in nature. Tammy was worried that she was being targeted by the government’s anti-spy measures, and asked you to help her. So you did, and found that Tammy wasn’t really wanted for anything after all.

An agent came to your place to try to get you to lure Eiji there, because he was suspected of being a spy. A man identifying himself as “Mr. Sun” hacked his way into one of your robots to ask you to defect. You did not.

In the end, America lost the war, and the Chinese took over Alaska. Tired of seeing robots used for violent ends, you decided to create a truly beautiful robot.

Chapter 6B

You created a humanoid companion robot named Flame, but you were fairly bad about allowing her to do anything fun. Tammy was a little worried about Flame, and with good reason. It seemed Flame was interested romantically in you. When Flame asked if you were interested in experimenting in doing naughty things with her, you said that was all right with you. But as a result, Tammy broke up with you.

In a last-minute attempt to find a life partner, you proposed to Flame. And, what do you know — it worked!

Chapter 7

In 2049, you went to Surprise, Arizona to surprise your mother with a gift for the holidays. You learned it was your surgical technology that had kept her alive this long. On returning to San Francisco, you had a brief stroke, followed by a vision of a robot cloud — the same one you saw thirty years before. In the hospital, the doctor told you you had Algernon’s Disease, a rare disease that increased your intelligence, but came at the price of increasing seizures, comas, and possibly, death.

You chose to undergo surgery to remove the damaged tissue in your brain. You survived the surgery, thanks to your own robot surgical technology. Your brush with death made you appreciate Flame all the more, and you realized that your love made you happier than any robot ever had.

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My Imouto in Valkyria Chronicles

2015-01-28_00002I got Valkyria Chronicles  cheap on Steam and started playing this war strategy game. It is a really amazing games, with nice storyline, memorable characters and satisfying challenge in strategy during missions. The most memorable for me is this imouto/little sister of Welkin, Isara. There is an anime adaptation of this game, but now we are talking about this amazing Japanese(?) girl in-game. Simply ‘coz of her background 😛


Isara Gunther (イサラ・ギュンター Isara Gyuntā?) was adopted by her late father’s friend, General Belgen Gunther, making her the younger sister of Welkin. Due to her Darcsen descent, a group of people who are openly discriminated in Europa, dealing with prejudice is part of her life.

These Darcsen’s discrimination reminds me a lot of Jews  situation in the past. Or these days, almost like how people treats otaku (well, considering they looks like Japanese people compared to Europe-like design for every other characters). They usually don’t have family name, I dunno why, but Isara has one since she was adopted.

She is pretty strong-will for a small girl that can maintain and pilot a tank. She fought with Rosie that hate Darcsen that cause an amazing strategy by Welkin: tank swimming through the river to make a surprise attack at the other side of the river. lolz

I really like her design. Unfortunately, reading her wikia bring a spoiler I don’t like since I still didn’t reach that part of the game yet. I’ll just ignore that info for now. I… I… I can’t *sobs*2008-04-04-95182 2009-07-08-176547 valk7

255890-00230298 DogG5Kh t9jUVlE battlefield-valkyrie-images-20080331022320270_640w2015-01-30_000232015-01-30_000242015-01-30_000212015-01-30_000222015-01-30_000172015-01-30_000152015-01-30_000122015-01-30_000112015-01-30_00004

Anime, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Steam

Grisaia no Kajitsu Mega Expo

Running for one week only, the Tokyo Anime Center’s most comprehensive exhibit ever! See, learn, and experience absolutely everything there is to eroge turned popular anime, Grisaia no Kajitsu.

By no exaggeration, this is indeed the most fully inclusive museum-like expo of one single highschool harem series. There are character designs on display, episode frames, posters, and put more simply, every single artwork Grisaia no Kajitsu, or any other Grisaia, has ever released. There are scripts for every single episode, all present in a glass case, and there is every single game, every single novel, every single item ever officially released with the “Grisaia” name on it – whatever it might be, a piece of paper, or anything else.

What truly sends home how articulate and attentive to detail this collection is, it contains elaborate key visual diagrams for even inanimate objects like the Senjougahara box cutter, a set of pastel sticks, and a sketchbook. A world record is in order for the most complete gallery of collectibles for a single series about a fictional highschool boy copulating with fictional highschool girls.


On related note:

Sekai Project: “We are porting the Sony Playstation Vita release to PC.”


people always want girls wear skirt

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Estelle answer to people always want girls wearing skirt