I’m lazying around

It is already off days a week ago. I was doing a bit of “homework” a few days, then I was a bit busy with setting up for my family.

Then, I just being lazy. I know I missed like a few of those weekly rinscribble now. I can’t get motivated now. I was sad coz the Facebook anime page somehow reduced reach by Facebook. I dunno if it’s the various admin’s ban for old lewd posts, various fake reports for simple normal gifs etc… All links and gifs posted in the page has literally zero reach. Meh, pretty sure just Facebook tactic trying to force us pay for reach.

That also applied to this blog. It’s true this blog has no real direction or concrete thing. Or goals. I was playing games and watching youtube more too instead of spendingtime on this blog. I can’t lie, there isn’t any way to post like in the past if I rarely watch anime these days. No time when I was on work rotation, wake up in the morning and sleep after work every day. So no one really read anything here. It was worsen by the Photobucket move of asking for money. similar to the facebook situation.

Then, I have this financial problem. I can’t ask for strangers that not even reading this anyway for money. Well, i didn’t intend to. -sigh- I just wanna ramble a bit, holding it in my heart break my spirit. I should not have any problems, I was even planning to pay my student loan quickly while still able to buy new phone. Then, bills was actually not being paid these few months. I have to pull out every savings I have to keep us alive, for foods, electric, water, and some repair. my saving that was supposed to be for the future, for my siblings education, for buying whatever I want, for house deposit I planned to buy.

My life is in a mess. I am still running away from reality by just playing games, watching Youtube and spamming cute anime pics and gifs on Facebook. I wish Photobucket was not fucked up, or it would be spammed here instead. 🙂

Thanks for anyone reading it. If you did come over to my blog, at least press the like button if you do like it, so i know you were here.


I don’t use spam-I mean blog as good as before

I wonder why I feel that way?

  1. You know, I wanna blame this site limit of uploading image for that. Uploading to other image server takes time, then I need to link it here. also, please fucking stop this stupid notification. I have not upload anything for months, stop asking for money from this poor guy.
  2. I have a job now. So of course I can’t go 18 hours a day on the internet searching for cuteness all the time now. That doesn’t mean I wanna pay 35.88 USD = RM155.27 a year for a 6GB space I could, in just a few months, fill in instantly. Believe me I can I was that good.
  3. Which also goes to my other passion, anything that I wanted to share i’ll share here. I.. don’t have things to share. Well, actually I do. but it is faster to be done on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. The loading time just to make a post is too annoying now.
  4. Being lazy. I just scheduled posts now. It is easy. and keep the blog look busy every day. But in turn… I feel like, its empty. Not something I would post on impulse that I really really loved to share to everyone, which is kinda the whole purpose of the blog when I first started. Other than I don’t play visual novel that much anymore. So kinda transferred from old blog to this new one.
  5. I don’t have time much, so I don’t play much long term games. Like I used to play idolmaster, and I have whole to do so. Well, I could during my off-days, but somehow I just don’t do it routinely. Kinda stupid too to just stay in the room playing game others don’t play the whole time just for cuteness. Honestly, most people don’t understand my taste of music, anime, games. Oh, also my taste for girls. Don’t worry, I don’t go lolicon and imouto complex IRL. Not as much as I could get arrested.
  6. Maybe I am trying to be normal? I don’t go out still, like at all. But I at least tried to socialize with my family. I don’t really care about others. Family tho, I care truly deep from my heart, and I don’t mind spending few hours with them chatting, playing around, joking around, watching TV together…
  7. Maybe coz I didn’t watch anime much these few months, or read that much on internet. If I watch anime properly, I have things to discuss at least. And if I surf internet<, I get knowledge I can use to properly type a discussion or opinion of stuff.
  8. Admin an anime page. I wanna impress people I guess. And spamming pic of cute anime girls there works. Kinda. Even among anime fans I am odd duck. And so, since Facebook is a lot easier and we can get faster response, I just shared most of my cute anime pics there. I used to do that only here in this blog. But perhaps, since I feel like I HAD to post, I don’t properly like, adventure to fine new, hidden gems. Don’t have time, and anime fans either don’t recognize it or just don’t wanna explore new possibilities. I don’t really like those people that say they like cute things yet all they wanna see is “plots”, “pantsu” and “sexy”. Guess it is also my fault for spamming Morikubo nono all the time.

BanG Dream! isn’t as successful?

several days ago, an article was written and published on internet about the multimedia series is most ignored Winter 2017 series.

I think their songs are great. Japan just have too much competition in term of idols entertainment industry, both in real life and virtual world.

Honestly, if I have budget for it, I want everything Rimirin:

But as I have limited cash ability, so do others. There are a lot others they (otakus) in Japan and worldwide have to spent on, like other anime CD/DVD/BD and merchandise thats more popular, and the have been a fan of for a long time. They also work better in gameplay, as opposed to the laggy, just released mobile game. As example:


Love Live!

Hibike Euphonium


There are also a lot more moe anime people currently in hype in, like dragons. They otaku has limited amount of waifus- I mean cuties space/memory they can’t get to like everything. Even I have limited time now to spam cuteness here.

As example, do you know Mahoutsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito just came out (the  episode 2)? Maybe you forgot about it like me.

Do you know Kemono Friends? Of course not, coz its one of current hype.

there are also urara Meirocho

and many more. Handshaker( oh yea, i didn’t keep up with it), kuzu no honkai, masamune no revenge etc that’s not slice of life moe anime like BanG Dream! KonoSuba just ended. one room is vanilla ecchi that can be hentai at any moment.Did i forget to mention Gabriel Dropout?

With a lot of them cuteness overload, I don’t think its weird if one or two series fall off the radar or not as popular. Strength of BanG_Dream, for me, lies in how almost every anime series I mentioned here, their features were combined in the series. And most importantly, how great the music and songs are.

They also a real band you know. That is what surprised me most, when I found the music video linked in 4chan. They were sharing info about incoming new anime series of this band, and its awesome. Their music video show great singing, music, and they are cute too. You can also find their live video in youtube, unless you unlucky living in country get blocked from watching it.

I just realized this week, the band is called Poppin’ Party. So, that’s mean 5 cute bands with awesome music, I love that future.

I have loved idolmaster more than love live because they have better songs (in my opinion), and I actually can see individuality in every single characters(except SideM, I don’t.. uh..) . I just don’t get it much same feeling on Love Live Sunshine!. I thought it would be a great series, but BanG_Dream! just started, so not everyone know each quirks for the characters. Like Rimirin talked a lot about Chocolate Cornet in the game. I like O-Tae, she is like cool and can do anything without caring. Kasumi is just the genki girl. But if we wanna say perfect, Saya the Drummer might be good choice. Oh yeah, we have a keyboard… what was her name again? xD

Which reminds me, there are 5 bands, meaning unless you know japanese and play teh games, you don’t have any background info on any other of them. Except those showed up in the anime adaptation. I still remember that girl that wanna “take out” 2 cute girls.


-This band below is interesting-

Their games, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, has great potential. It just suffers from lag, and not  optimised yet game. People also play a lot other games now for phone, so I do think they released the game a bit too early. Should wait, like, after the anime series finished airing before officially releasing it, so fanbase are strongly founded, and looking for more. You know, like how we want more GochiUsa and they came out about a year later. Everyone flocking for their merchandise and stuff.

In conclusion, I think it is too early to say the series isnt as successful. Of course in the beginning things could have problems. Maybe they could have better chance by spreading international. We outside of japan isn’t having as saturated moe artist entertainment industry.


Some things to share for blog 3rd anniversary

It seems that I have been here for 3 years now. Well, I don’t really take care much of this blog. Don’t have specific goal, just sharing what I like. Recently, anime and cuteness and stuff like that became the only posts I posted here tho. I used to be more random 😛

That’s what I think by “scribble” part of my blog name. Let’s see if I can ramble about again.

First, I am currently enjoying Idolmaster SP, a PSP game of iM@S. I just finished Futami Ami and Mami’s story mode few hours ago and win IU!


Going to Idol Ultimate (IU) with best twins and their fav song


Which one do you think is Ami? Which is Mami?

And then we won!


Futami Ami and Mami.

The twin idols’ goal is to make everyone happy.

Themselves happy.
Producer happy.
Fans happy.
And even… rival happy.

They respect Ohime-chan (Takane Shijou), but after winning IU, they have to separate. Their story is the only one route I feel the connection and relationship between Futami and Takane is too strong.


Until Takane showed up at the office as new idol of the company. XD

Takane: “It takes so long to build a rocket…”

Moon Princess? >_>;


Now time to handle the princess.


Soon Iori. Very soon.

2. I am looking forward to RWBY volume 4

3. When I play games, I admit sometimes I look for ecchi in cute girls of the games.

Of course, they can just be super cute ❤


4. When we saw a cute seiyuu smile 🙂


5. You do realized moe has been the trend in anime recently. Too much of them makes too many waifu potentials.
Except this little girl. Truly just innocent. I never watched it tho. 😛
6. When I posted cute things, I expected some goes “Kyaa” “so cute” “qt”
7. I am League of Legends fan and player. Hmm… Not that I am any good in it. I lack the courage to play competitively. Plus this barely able laptop and 300 ping minimum internet is too powerful handicaps.
And I am touched to see someone cosplay as Lux despite the.. circumstance.
But we can still watch youtube and sometimes met gems like this:
8. Internet destroyed my innocence.
Not that I have much left anyway 😛
9. And so, I heard Love Live! goes yuri mode again. Again. As if we don’t know that’s gonna happened in recent anime with mostly females. I thought they declared something about no more reference to that though some time in the past.
10. And various things happened in life.
My kickstarter pledge for Harem Protagonist doesn’t go through for some reason.
I want to play Attack on Titan game.
I have too many backlog of anime and games, And I still lookin for more…
Happily looking at likes of my blog post though most of them from the same person. {Looking at you OG-Man} Still happy.
And then I pretend to be cutest girl in the world in internet 😛
Well not really. >_>; But I truly act as I wished. No need to hold back in anonymity. And this blog… is one place I can be myself. No pretending for the sake of “normality” of society.
Let’s end this with one of my recent fav song. *sings along*

[Scribble]Children will get part times for games.


[This is a rambling post of mine, part of the reason I created this blog. So can just skipped this post if you are not interested]

In the past, I can get a game CD for around RM10. Buy Playstation 1 for about Rm200. Pc around RM1000. I can buy a game a few times a year and that’s enough, or just borrow someone’ CD.

Nowadays, games are available from around RM50 to RM200+. As example, Overwatch USD59.99 = RM242.30. Then consider buying PC that can play them (RM3000). Then monitors(RM200). Keyboard(RM100). Mouse(Rm50). Internet connections(RM100/month unless you using Magic Sim and only play at night). We didn’t consider all the DLCs yet that may require more buck$.
In the past, games are for children. Nowadays, games are for part time working children. Or childish adult.
It is true the graphic are more quality now. It is true the hardware are more powerful now. But don’t you think they are like overpriced? Capitalism might be at fault? There exist Free To Play games, but some of them either Pay to Win, or you can only get satisfaction if you pay even more than buying a games(like buying skins in League of Legends). RNGesus doesn’t love you after all. (Looking at you LLSIF gacha).
So, I get that some people started to get a job to pay for these.  Or perhaps stream on twitch, which required still quite a lot of investment. Otaku in Japan has been doing these for a while now. Or some playboy that require money to date girls and then *Bleep* before throwing them away. Um.. that’s another issue.
Anyway.. children should be focused more on preparing for the future. And yeah, they should have fun, but don’t make having fun require you to ask money from your parents or work for it. And lost time for studying, or at least doing homework. Heck, maybe some of them started stealing money. Not all thief doing it for living if they poor or getting drugs.
These are among the reason pirated copy and torrents existed. Coz they are free.
Then there is issues of them being cooped up in the room not moving. Wii might have helped, and Pokemon GO is an interesting idea, though some still not so happy about it. Malaysia just recently got it, and already we have a police summon in the news about it. There are also some mufti that “haram” Pokemon Go. But I won’t be so quick to judge. Everyone would be furious if their holy places has a gym and become… um.. that ‘get free thing’ place, getting people comes just for Pokemon Go(incident at mosques in Turkey).
Opps, that’s a long curve ball. Next, if you see how the difficulty increase as you have higher level, you will need to farm more pokeball or… buy them. Or somehow the Pokemon Go was released a day and there is already a high level gym slash cheater that were playing this with certain bypass.
Well, did I ever mentioned that we need compatible phone to play this game? I am lucky I was working part time and bought the best middle range phone that still compatible with most games in the world now, but it started to lag recently. How about less fortunate people, or those using Windows phone? I don’t think it is so good for children asking parents for more expensive phone just to use the app. Or… I still don’t know how children gonna work part time.
Or perhaps, this is the start of them lying to other children to scam them money.
The higher the cost of games, more dangerous consequences I see in the future generations.

Announcement: I may not be updating much for a year or so

I will go to some industrial training. I may or may not have time and/or internet connection to play around for a while. I am not so sure. It will be for about a year, and then I will start working (if I do well enough) with them.

I wonder if I can actually pull it off. My education background is IT but I will go to petroleum world. Oh well. That’s just the way it is, the only good-paying job I can take now. So… I might miss a lot of games, anime, and cuteness. 😦

On more positive note, since I can get allowance during the training, I could try saving for new PC. In a few months, I can get one PC more suitable for gaming instead of this overheating, laggy laptop.

So see you again. Um.. Well, not really. Let’s just hope this isn’t final goodbye.

P.s.: Some of the collected pixiv girl i found just now on tumblr


One Day

(rambling, I just need to vent a bit of my frustration)

One day.

One day I wish I have a gaming PC. Don’t need to be too awesome, just better than this overheating laptop. Maybe using SSD, with DDR4 RAM, cheap enough but have graphic card at average level on that time.

I wish one day I can have perfect internet connection. Not the one lag, nor can disconnect without reason, nor the one with so fucking low quota, unless u pay too damn high price.

And most important of all, I wish one day I am good enough that I can simply sit back and enjoy any gaming, not anymore having the goal of becoming better and better since I am still noob right now.

Why? ‘coz just now, 2 games in a row of League of Legends I had problem. First, my laptop overheat and the system protect itself by shutting down in the middle of game. I was playing support on that time. They died coz of that.


*deep breath*

Calm down. And here I am trying the new devourer, lose the chance to see the effect when full stack just ‘coz of the dc. The game ended too fast since we have this ranked player playing. What else you expected from a ranked player playing AI?


One day I’ll get them. Maybe it will not become true. But I can always try. I tried to get straight A in PMR and SPM but I didn’t get it. Doesn’t matter, ‘coz i tried, and i got a slightly lower result. I played Cytus and tried to master them, even if I only mastered the Easy mode. Played SDO-X for higher level, and damn I still can’t played Advanced game like my little brother, but I can still play around in Beginner. But in there, it has always been my lack of skill.

My lack of practice. My lack of talent.

I hate it when I lose because of something else like laptop overheat or internet lag/disconnect.

So one day, I will get to the situation where I can’t blame anything else but my own incompetence. One day.