Anime, Little Busters!

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Anime, Little Busters!

Little Busters! Card Mission

I was, as usual, scrolling down my full-of-cute-anime Facebook feeds when I saw this:


Wait… Little Busters! have card game?

Little Busters! Card Mission (リトルバスターズ!カードミッション Ritoru Basutāzu! Kādo Misshon) is the official mobile game of Little Busters!. The game is distributed via Mobage and available on iOS and Android devices. The game is free to play but many advantages can be gained from paying real life money. The game is only available in Japanese. It was released in April 24, 2013.

Based on the wikia site, we are playing baseball using these cards, and they are collectible, much like a lot of other Android app of collectible card games.

Well, I just want the card arts… so I am downloading card gallery for cute characters I love in the series. ❤

Komari_S_RARE_03 Komari_S_RARE_02 Komari_S_RARE Kudryavka_S_RARE_02 Kudryavka_S_RARE Rin_S_RARE_PLUS Rin_RARE Rin_S_RARE_02 Rin_S_RARE