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[rambling] ISP need to improve their services

[Warning: this is a rambling about me, myself, and anything doing to me 😛 Seriously, you can skip this post of rambling]

I am a gamer. I might not be that great of a gamer compared to others, but with enough practice I can reach beginner level at least in anything. One game I love the most in particular is an online game, League of Legends (LoL). In Asia, specifically my country Malaysia, we use Garena server. I am using the SG/MY server, coz any other will be more laggy than necessary.  I tried Oceania server. they have good server, it just I am the one too far(constant 300 ping)

Online gaming required good internet. So I don’t mind me lagging when I have sucky, cheap internet package. But recently, we have ourselves the highest price possible in our area, 8Mpbs Streamyx with HyppTV. In Bintulu, specifically where I lived, we don’t have Unifi upgrade yet, the so called faster than Streamyx even after months of promise from TMNet. I am just half hour away from main City and my area don’t have it, yet the exact few meters after us have it….

Recently though, I can’t even enter a game of League of Legends. it only specifically for this TMNet line. Using my Celcom LTE broadband I have no problem or lag whatsoever. But in my home line it is rendered unplayable. I also was playing Paladins, and it was laggy I thought it is just the server. but now, it is also unable to be played because I literally can’t move or just constant disconnected from any online games.

This is weird, because:

  1. I use the fastest internet package upgrade available. In record,
  2. I can watch Youtube video in HQ
  3. I can download Steam games at size of about 10GB in few hours.
  4. I can watch Twitch streaming. Malaysia usually have trouble with watching Twitch for some reason unless you are using alternatives. Which still laggy for me sometimes even after the upgrade.
  5. My Celcom never has any problem of lag, except 1 or 2 day Celcom decided to do maintenance without warning, which will happen every month.

Based on my little brother analysis (using speed test), it seems our port is set on West Malaysia for some reason.

And then, I read somewhere when I was looking up of why my Paladins is so laggy, there is someone in a forum claimed that recently TMNet has change the routing to Singapore to around the world.

So what should I do?

I went to Garena support. They advised me to test using ping plotter. and based on that result, they said my connection only lose data packet when reaching their server, therefore I need to contact my ISP to refresh my connection. Forgive my, Garena support, as I can’t rate the chat because I accidentally press pop up and it all gone. I can’t rate you as good. 😦

So, let’s contact the fuckin,  I mean, our ISP TMnet. My family members are those that know the account details, and they seems reluctant for me to have it, to contact TMNet. I dun understand why they are doing that… So I google search and try everything, and found email address :  . I typed in my concerns and attached the pingplotter screenshot, expecting like 1 week later to have a response.

It was good, they called us within 24 hours. the connection suddenly become great for few hours of me playing. I thought, yes we fixed it finally. Sometimes lagging, so I did another pingplotter test and send it to them, and they call me again just as when it seems fixed again.

It seems to be fixed.

At 3pm, after I have lunch and have conversation with my family members, I returned to my laptop to play a game. I still have doubt on that time, and that doubt was on point. It is laggy again. At least it isn’t unplayable, but 300-1000 ping is not good to react properly. 3:30pm I made another pingplotter test, and sent it to them but this time no call. no reply.

5pm. I concluded they have gone home. KL in particular works at about 9am, until 12pm for lunch, start again at 2 or 2:30pm until 5pm. Sometimes they go back at 4:30pm.

This contact with TMNet happened yesterday. This morning, I tried it again, and the game has been rendered unplayable laggy now.

I am so pissed off. They fixed it only for few hours. then they ignored us, as the revert it back to the fucking-

*deep breath*

They really should not be routing the line to singapore to the whole world. My IP address should be in East, not West Malaysia, it will just add to unnecessary time delay . I know there is a recent strife between us because Sarawak is asking for their rights finally, but that isn’t a good reason to reduced everything. I have talked to other West Malaysian and none of them having this lag issues in League of Legends or Paladins.

In LoL has in game ping, mine can reach 300-1000 ping. Other Malaysian have under 100 ping, sometimes it was 33ping wtf. my normal, non-laggy ping is still 100-150 ping.

I have played Steam games and I sense that my game cloud saving also really delayed it happened 5 minutes after I close the game. Yet the other Malaysian have no problem like it at all.

Let’s talk about Sarawak. When malaysia was just formed, we are poor. part of how they gonna improve the economy is by pulling profit from those that have profit to other states that still only have farmers and fishers. Miri, Sarawak, is the first oil supplier in Malaysia, then it extended from onshore oil well to offshore oil rig. This was the issue, as despite the profit of Petronas reaching billions and have name in Fortune hundreds, Sarawak is still the less developed state in Malaysia. Bintulu, that has MLNG and supplied LNG to around the world, has lack of development until now, and has second highest cost of living in Malaysia.

This is part of the reason why Sarawak asking for their rights over oil. and other things too. I think. I am not that great in politic I am just a Morikubo Nono

Ah, that makes me pissed off for another reason. Anyway, I feel that, as TMNet is the monopoly of home line internet service provider in Malaysia, they should give better services. Fix the problems before we ask you to solve them. It is known almost worldwide about how bad they are, you can actually Google about it. Mobile service do offer less intrusive(?) or problematic internet broadband like LTE, but I don;t think people want to spend more money on broadband when you already bought and paid monthly the most expensive package you have. Oh yeah, Celcom First (postpaid package) just recently increase the quota from 10GB to 20GB. that is mine.

So now despite paying the same price to both of it, I should be using Celcom for gaming and TMNet for everything else. cos streamyx has no quota, just throttling  coz show

That is NOT 8MB/s at all. Well, at least my IP is back in Bintulu, not in Penang or Johor or Kedah now.

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