Anime, Kiniro Mosaic

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic has ended

The latest installment of this moe anime (with some yuri undertones) has ended recently. i will miss it. Well, at least I heard it like that. I didn’t watch until end yet.

*high five fail* =3

I always love funny and cute anime series. It allow us to smile even in our hard times going through daily life.

Kiniro Mosaic is special in that they keep it simple, sometimes informative, yet so cute, and I can’t stop laughing. Or sometimes just get the feels for their close friendship. Well, most moe slice of life anime do that. But adding a blonde British loli teenage girl or two that love Japan, with the Japanese ninja high school girl that loves everything British and blonde.

Kinda weird though when you can’t use English when you love it so much. Not that I can say anything when I love anime and Japan yet still can’t hold any conversation in Japanese…

In my opinion the series is more successful this time, have better moments, and even putting spotlights on certain side love-blonde-too-character but I can’t remember her name now. Even Ayaya get to be slightly more honest from times to times, which is a welcoming change. Karen is hyper as ever, and still taming our strict teacher.



I can’t remember any details though. >.< So I can’t actually talk much other than until the last episode I have watched (which I also forgot which) I am very happy with how they made it this time. Let’s see what we can get by googling “hello kiniro mosaic screenshot”.

I love how they wake up others in the ED song

She missed her dog, so get a robot vacuum and attached a dog doll on it. 😛

Karen afraid of her parents (especially her mum)

*having heartattack* ❤

I also would love to swipe my sweat with bills. Or coin.

So as it has ended, we needed a replacement until the next season (if they will ever make one)

This is where THIS come in.

Now that I think of it, next season (fall/winter) of animes will have a lot of cute moe, or at least those loli series. Nice timing? :3



Anime, Kiniro Mosaic

Sometimes Shinobu is so cute :3

Anime, Kiniro Mosaic

I forgot Oomiya Shinobu’s birthday


It was June 6, few days ago. >_<;; Voiced by Nishi Asuka, Shinobu is the ninja…

*cough* I mean the blonde lover of Kiniro Mosaic, one of the cutest anime right now (with some yuri undertones *winks*).

Well, with Shinobu and Alice Cartelet is like “a must pair” in every art she has in the internet… So Yeah. XD

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Enjoy the collection of art I found just now on various sites on the web.

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69ddbe641a5da3c965d6190bb131c17a Oomiya.Shinobu.full.1564964 Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1558251 Oomiya.Shinobu.full.1565526 Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1605689 Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1882293 Cross-Over.full.1726612 sample-7e2b3de3ce571e8a033231f8b7e1e28d 50578691_p0 50221299_p0 fec4660947421190246bd515bcb4929e 871776ae64a2d1b8e89fcfc56eb01865 50222996_p0 50194964_p0 50293218_p0 46165366_p0 40179953_p0 49804395_p0 50014566_p0 sample-1ec4cfe5af5782eca4e54e59716a233b e62a0bef2bf118c127f6c6726f391a7c sample-f36365271de94fe24218dd67dc463cbdKiniro.Mosaic.full.1730964Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1559573Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1690692Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1869524Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1810531Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1729543Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1810530Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1535905Kiniro.Mosaic.full.1472825Oomiya.Shinobu.600.1558566Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1188143Kiniro.Mosaic.600.1579357Kiniro.Mosaic.full.156743049950451_p0638860



Anime, Kiniro Mosaic

Yoko’s Pet



Anime, Kiniro Mosaic

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