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Happy birthday Chieri

Chieri Ogata (Tag name: 緒方智絵里) is one of the available characters for the mobile game IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, under the Cute category.

“I’m… Ogata… Ogata Chieri. Um… uh… ah… I-I’ll do my… best… If you were to not leave me… behind… I’d be… very… happy.”

Chieri is a 16 year old girl who loves four-leaf clover. Her most prominent feature is angel wings hair. She is called an angel because have a gentle heart.

Chieri is the type to feel lonely easily since her parents are always busy. She has an attachment to four-leaf clovers since they hold happy family memories, and there was a time where she likened herself to a clover withstanding winter. She holds a gentle heart in hopes of making everyone happy.

 Age 16
 Height 153cm
 Weight 42kg(After training : 41kg)
 3 Sizes B:79 W:57 H:80
 Birthday June 11
 Horoscope Gemini
 Blood Type A
 Dominant Hand Right
 Place of Birth Mie (prefecture of Japan)
 Hobby Collecting 4-leaf clover








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