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spam of cuties again

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8th August is the birthday of Tsurumaki Kokoro, vocalist of Hello, Happy World! Happy! Lucky! Smile! Yay!~

today 8/8 is goto Jun-CHAN’s birthday (#tenshino3p)


yes I want.

jail bait in true form

and someone succeed in making NonoCeption

you know i’ll be spamming Nono

new game!! 2nd season anime is cute ❤ so go buy expensive overprice item for the lolis

Me when I screenshot the lolis


tickle torture

I want the blu-ray


horror girl at beach


if idols are dog-ified

chieri-chan ❤

Love the L.M.G.B.!

if them idols work at coffee and tea shop

relaxing with my phone


Kizuna Ai!

You should watch Princess Principal

Anime? Game?


a Yuru Yuri spin off, or doujinshi?

new pairing? Rin wont be so happy

all of the new game! char are so cute ❤

you never know who is watching you

this curious girl (battle girl high school )

centaur no nayami

why they are pulling out guns? D:

Cute Power Rangers! [Action Heroine Cheer Fruits]

Practice your singing!


This girl is like, “marry me?”

then she become lazy

Powerup with fruits

cute girl get attacked by another cute girl!

tired girls


*playing with cats* [Fate Apocrypha]

Oh me too

Uzuki x Rin


Hina Logi

When she found the food stalls but you wanna do lewd hand holding


the fighting is pretty good too.

best girl in the series (boku no hero academia)

Should post my Hoshizora Rin too

that’s such a weird culture fish

dunno who this is

Did you watch the KonoSuba OVA?

*looking at sweaty Miria that want a hug and nosebleed*


I also wanna employ only cute girls


And I miss my wide cuties




I saw this art at a certain Facebook page and I felt like it is a must to share it to the world for how much cuteness in it.

(don’t know who the black haired sketch book girl tho)


Cutest anime art of the day

Anime, Hidamari Sketch


It has been a while since I actively spamming my blogs. I was a little busy with watching anime, playing games, and playing with my little brother in Terra MMORPG. I don’t really like it, coz I don’t have that much interest in it. And we need to spend quite some time in it, plus I just don’t know how to buy potions. Playing as Cleric removed that need though, with my lil bro playing as tanky Lancer.

Anyway…. I want to keep up with this blog again, and then I saw Yuno (fictional character’s Facebook page) posted a cute pic of Yuno. So I spammed Yuno today. Yuno best anime girl for me 🙂

Copyright to Ume-sensei, original creator of Yuno and Hidamari SKetch, and also to all artist that drew all these artwork and posted them on Pixiv.46751159_p0 tumblr_lkv2zkQKXL1qa8kz9o1_40044002642_p044052103_p0405866154141881244052347_p045416404_p045674605_p045889095_p045972854_p047347719_p047485027_p047538048_p047682783_p0_master120043316307_p1_master12004074817243419445_p047874329_p048399793_p048069950_p048229823_p048418722_p2_master120048418722_p1_master120047989141_p048995729_p10_master120048459184_p048995729_p6_master120049833318_p049359218_p044052103_p0 44002642_p0 45037404_p0 47765936_p0 43455382_p0 43325639_p0 43324586_p0 43324023_p0 43320208_p0 45275991_p0I Really miss Yunocchi… I might re-watched Hidamari Sketch after finished Chihayafuru, and Non Non Biyori.CDNyRx4UUAARzgH sddefault 1429437057652 1429466641555 Hidamari.Sketch.full.1414635U6cn9yQ