playing as 6 cute space fisherwomen!!!!!!

Multimedia franchise Sakura Wars’ creator Ouji Hiroi (広井王子) is now producing another multimedia project about teenage girl fishers – Sora to Umi no Aida (ソラとウミのアイダ). The mobile game developed by Sony’s subsidiary ForwardWorks will be available in early October this year. Pre-registration is now in progress.


The game will have both a story mode and a space fishing mode. The full-voice story mode will have both a “Main Story” and “Cadet Stories” of the six girls. In the space fishing mode, players will risk their lives to fish for vicious space fish together with a guardian deity.

The project’s official website is running a pre-registration campaign that will give all players in-game bonuses depending on how many people pre-register. The rewards include rainbow spheres, Kisshō guardian deities, and a cadet friendship level up materials set.


The staff of ForwardWorks’ Sora to Umi no Aida (The Space Between the Sky and Sea) multimedia project announced on Tuesday that TMS Entertainment will animate a television anime adaptation. The anime will premiere in 2018.



Haru Soramachi (CV: Karin Takahashi)

Namino Murakami (CV: Rika Tachibana)

Maiko Sakura (CV: Momoko Suzuki)

Makiko Maki (CV: Maori Komeno)

Makoto Mitsurugi (CV: Ai Kosaka)


Visual Novel

Just $12 for visual novel bundles

I was scrolling down the facebook feed when suddenly a friend posted a link to gift some of sekai project games. I miss the chance, but I just realized how cheap it was.

Currently tempted to buy it, but I wonder if I actually have any money left in the bank.. haha. Due date seems to be around 20 July, so for you guys that have the money and interested in visual novel, why not?