Kirara Fantasia “All-Star RPG” mobile game

PromoImage for Kirara Fantasia. Remember we have Yuno (hidamari Sketch) and Aoba (New game!) in the game.

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Unofficial Twitter account for #LLSIF

LLSIF stands for Love Live School Idol Festival, a rythm game. I think. >_>; I just found out when I look around random tweets in twitters. So follow ’em for latest update for english version 🙂

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Ami and Mami can transcend language barrier

Despite still unable to read Japanese, i started playing the Japanese non-translated game of Idolmaster SP Wandering Star and Missing Moon. Perfect Sun was easy to understand coz I get the English-patched version. But these two… I know nothing about whatever they are saying but  I can still play them.

Except when I am playing Futami Ami and Mami. These two girls are eccentric active twin devil with a lot of movement and energy… I can understand them perfectly fine for some reason. lolz. Maybe coz they are 12 years old that still use simple Japanese compared to lets say… Chihaya?  Or because it is way too obvious they are making fun me all the time.. 😦 I also started to recognize them which is which. Mami is the one on the right… um I mean, when we are lookg at them side by side, the… uh… hair band(?) is on the right side for us for Mami. Which means on her left side.


….Anyway. Their stats are so low in Vocal, I feel like crying trying to level up their stats. At least they are easier to manage than Chihaya. Oh, and I just found out that 765 Pro introduce them as Futami Ami, while changing who become ido1l of the day to reduce the burden of work and keep up with their study. Maybe that explain why they have lower stats. ‘coz I am managing two idols! D= Ah… and these after all hardwork i have done to get Haruka win the IU… now I need to make everyone else win too. And reach rank S. there is so much to do…

But these two are so cute I don’t care anymore!!

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Let’s Deconstruct the Persona 5 Trailer

There is this site post that discuss about Persona 5 possible information revealed in the Trailer.

READ: Let’s Deconstruct the Persona 5 Trailer

Yeah, in my opinion, or rather it is too obvious based on previous 2 Persona game, the main character is the guy in glasses.

Another thing, I have this feeling it similar to The World Ends with You an RPG game by Square Enix in NDS. Remember Persona 2 where rumors can be used to affect events in the game, and The World Ends with You also with fashion thingy. So maybe as they said, “the cellphone will be important”. Interesting. 🙂

Btw, what is scrync- scrunchy?

okay. Now I know which girl.


So wait for it released in 2015 for those who have PS3 or PS4… I WAN IT TOOOOO! *cries*


Persona 4 shared a link.




p.s.: I really love how this is a really cute and clever paper art thingy.. She is Madotsuki from Yume Nikki game.

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Madotsuki will cut you