[Weekly Rinscribble] 33. Focusing on my job / Paying bills more than my own salary

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

I woke up way too early today, like 2am. I feel asleep early last night, that’s why. It’s a good thing, I thought as I prepared things for work. Then, I played Sniper elite 5 after some spamming cuties in facebook (There was  a cute Nono at beach art!!) before shower and get on van to work.

It was a cloudy day after raining last night. I feel like I don’t talk much with others. I think I should. I also feeling lethargic for some reason. Something always happened in my first day of rotation haha. So I thought about Suzukaze Aoba and how she motivated herself, and I try it.

Well, at least I am focusing better, albeit slow than usual tho as I daydream about things. Need to make that well test but the well string still having trouble so I and my senior still waiting for it to have enough pressure.

16-20 August 2017

Then I forgot to update my note every day. Haha…. When I got home from work, I talked with my siblings before taking shower,

eat dinner

and then a few hours of gaming

or spamming cuties on internet

or Youtube.

I also feel like doing well in my job, or at least I capable of handling basic task of a process technician on an oil well now. I am more willing to learn the skill trade now, instead of being forced by others.

The problem was that I had to cover a lot of bills. Like, this month I spent more than my own salary. I was lucky I saved some money before this, so we can still eat foods. certain someone was delaying paying all these bills that I had to help coz it was affecting the whole family.

And I don’t wanna see my 4 small siblings live in a house with no electricity, foods, water and telephone. Donate some for me ? 😉 Nah, I don’t really need to, but even 10 dollars help. I’ll give you cute pic of an anime character in exchange? lol

Please donate by clicking me

Monday 21 August 2017

There was a senior that said I blamed him for my incompetence when I actually only said to others he taught me but I still not good enough to do it by myself. I said the truth.

And yet they still think I am being rude to them when in fact I was always waiting for them to finish talking before stating fact as it is. But they will keep on cutting in the middle of my sentences and saying I have no respect to elders and stuff like that. (honestly though, respect goes both way for it to work) I never even think that I am better than them in any way or at any time, coz I am a newbie. And when I talk at louder voice to speak more clearly to them when they sometimes didn’t hear what I said (coz we’re  beside noisy compressors and pumps) they said I raised my voices to the elders. I didn’t do that out of disrespect nor trying to win a fight. I just believe in telling the truth and I am brave and courageous when stating the truth(at least I believe it’s the truth in my heart, sometimes I make mistakes) even against older or more experience person.

Sometimes I’m wrong and I will admit it. Like I was being lazy. But when I am right, I will keep on “discussing” with them, yet they will keep “fighting” with me. I hate how they keep looking down on me on their high horses like that.

Some others that communicate with me at same level or at least listen to me first then explain properly. I have “no problem of attitude” at all from their comment about me.  Only those that are prideful and egoistic. But of course people believe in their own views first, not believing me even when I was saying truth coz ego.

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Senior blamed me for having to do heavy task on a platform that I have no idea how to do. I can do it myself if they already taught me, but today we had to cover others that still didn’t arrive for their work rotation, so I had to went to other jacket. And they said, I only know how to give work but not doing it myself. You know.. that task just now. When in fact, I wasn’t the one asking for it, I was just following order of a senior that refused to answer when I asked why, only wanted me to send it to WhatsApp. Then he keep on making fun of me. I will never believe in that guy ever again. EVER.

Ahaha… I had to ramble about it somewhere. Keeping it in myself will just eat at me, so I am trying to not let it get me.

I am feeling sleepy now. Good night guys and girls.


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