Rinko Days

In the past I used to be so infatuated with a fictional character in Love Plus, a dating sim sort of game in NDS. Her name is Kobayakawa Rinko, 2nd year in high school of the game.

Very quiet and keeps to herself, Rinko is the kind of girl who will kick your butt if you piss her off. But when you get to know her, she is a very caring and passionate person who enjoys listening to music and reading. She also loves cats.

She might be that first “waifu” for me. I still sometimes remembered her, and feel guilty as I currently strongly feel for Morikubo Nono. Kinda a loyal kind of guy. Maybe. I dunno.

And somehow I remembered about her again today. So as I randomly clicking Google Image search of her, I saw the manga spin-off, Love Plus: Rinko Days

the story really similar to the one I experienced in the game. This bring out memory for me. 🙂 Maybe I’ll find the simulator and play the game again.


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