Whisper of the Heart – heartwarming classic

I just looking around for another anime, and I read online a recommendation to watch Whisper of the Heart. It was such an enjoyable one, I feel everyone need to experience it too.


The story started slow, but every single details build up everything. (Hint: she write song. Remember that the whole movie, I mean it, even at the end.)

Almost each character has their own story, background or personality that strongly put them in place of the movie. Unlike some recent anime where certain character could get overshadowed by others. I don’t know if I should say much, coz I feel like that will spoil you fun of discovering them. Let’s just say her friends, and her family members, and even the old man, have their own spotlights.

She always read fairy tale, so she always wish to live one too. She see things from a magical perspective. Wanting an adventure by following a cat in the train. It might actually nothing much for us, but for her, she was having special encounters. She reminded of me in the past that used to read a lot in free time. Although not exactly from interest as strong as her, but more of coz I had nothing to do. I know of certain blogger that keep reading and writing reviews of books that may be so similar to her.

But I do have interest in the fictional world, in story where I can be fully immersed in it, and have emotional effect, like this movie itself. I still have that.. passion i guess we can call it, change to my interest with anime and visual novel.She changed throughout the story. It is a coming of age story. And how she show her strong personality and determination to change, maturing for the sake of others.

The love story is innocent one. Unlike now where anime series must have panty shots, fan service, boobs, flirty/suggestive lines or swimsuit/bath episodes, this one truly like the classic love story of interested with opposite gender. Blush once in a while. Watching the love one from far away without telling. And feeling oneself not good enough for the others.

For its time, the arts are beautiful. And it still beautiful, coz it is like various amazing drawings combined. Soundtracks are great, although there was one time I feel weird, feel it wasn’t suitable. When it is for comedy part, it goes for the joyful… um.. jazz music? And for the romance or drama, it goes for its respective suitable one.

Oh yeah, this reminds me of my old rent house. We used to live in cramped place like this. Similar table sheet, similar rice cooker, similar refrigerator and even that design of cabinets is similar. And the door. and that lamp. Maybe not the dishes though… I feel a tinge of … um.. uh… you know old things feeling.

Overall, I love this anime movie. I love each of the characters, the story build up, each details that symbolized something. It just feel like a masterpiece. Not that it is so great through the stars and stuff, but it just feel perfect, when the puzzle pieces finally comes together. And I still love how strong the girl is. I want her as my wife.

P.S.: I have seen this screenshot for years! And I get to watch it only now?! oh well, at least I have experienced it. How about you?


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