doing something new

I have done 2 things

  1. FB page that connected to this wordpress blog. Posts from here will be shared there too. It also should be used as admin tag, but I still can’t link it into my posts yet. Hmm…. i should ask my main admin eldr
  2. Putting a Paypal donation into my blog. Well, it isn’t like I maintain this blog that well, but I do have some trouble recently with paying bills and foods. It isn’t that impossible, but any help is appreciated.

I also was wondering about changing the theme. But I reluctant to change, coz I feel the design is simplistic and kinda go well with my “spam anime pics only” style. With photobucket’s scam and I can’t upload into wordpress anymore without paying, I kinda having hard time anyway posting as much as I wish. Also, kinda have to go to work too.

Ops sorry, rambling again. Cy@ later.


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