I am sorry that I actually forgot to update my weekly post of Weekly Rinscribble. I was getting used to just being a useless jerk playing games, watching Youtube and spamming cuteness in Facebook. it isn’t a good excuse at all.


I guess after getting injured, i was focusing on doing anything to distract me from the pain. Was spending too much time in Warframe, especially little brother really wanted me to be in the game. not that interested though, grinding required is too much. Playing LoL again, and I won ONE pvp game as jungler Udyr, despite my lack of confidence to win after a firstblood death to Master Yi. Maybe I was being calm, with ∀NSWER song loop. maybe coz I kinda follow advice and use what Youtuber does. Maybe my teammates carry me. Feel like I have been making good shot call, except maybe two noob deaths. I dunno, I didn’t save the result of the match.

Then, maybe my social anxieties kicked in again… I dun feel like going out of the room. Being too comfortable in the comfort zone again I guess.

At least I am making progress with my Clannad. I decided to play some of my unfinished visual novels. Really love Clannad ❤


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