26. [Weekly Rinscribble] Almost forgot to write this post

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

Well, kinda. coz I actually forgot about this. so it’s kinda short. Not that I actually do anything much anyway. I am resting at home this week because of my injury. Right now it isn’t as painful at all times as before, but if I ever exert a little bit more, it hurt quite a lot.

30 May 2017

I went to the hospital again. Doctor explained how is the injury really is. In short, just a crack to one of my rib bones. I don’t wanna say here how it happened. It will be in general, healed in 2 weeks. So I had to ask for medical leave from my supervisor.

31 May 2017

Eating the painkiller pills is a requirement for me. I don’t move much, even when I am lying down on my bed or sitting on chair to eat.

1 June 2017

One of my little sister just realized that I got hurt bad. She asked me where is the leg that got hurt. “Huh… Leg?” I had to explained it carefully to her. One thing special about me is that most of my little sisters are quite close to me, so she was worried. Maybe coz I always kind to them, or at least tried. Perhaps I was being too soft as they are females, but still, they are my siblings. I don’t need to be that kind to the boys though. muwhahaahahahha.

2- 5 June 2017

For these few days, I just watch Youtube, buy some foods for our family, watch a little bit of anime, play Garena’s League of Legends, Steam’s Paladins, Warframe and Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun. Oh, also read facebook, post some cuteness spam in the anime facebook page and group. A little bit of watching moe anime too. Do not reminds me about a certain mahou shoujo. A little bit of Nono spam in twitter. I think I also uploaded most of Nono image in a Facebook album in my profile too.

hinako note is the hype of moe now

It seems to be becoming better for a Gunpla anime.

this girl is badass btw.

Uninstall LoL because I feel my PC is laggy. It seems to be less laggy now, also when I accidentally deleted Paladins too. Always hate their persistent process garenadll and hipatch that seems to hog some memory for no reason. Even Avast said Garena client showed behaviour of a malware. I always lag whenever I played these two games, maybe coz their peer to peer connection style that TMNet Streamyx really hate (related to torrent). Warframe was fun  trying to grind although it will take so long. Shadow Tactic was finished today. Considered one of the best RTS I ever played. Still love that Yuki the thief style gameplay. I think she might be the most used character for me.

This is not Yuki. 😛


Yama no Susume and NEW GAME! anime series gonna have more season soon.

Airing this July 2017

Next Year 2018, with an OVA  Yama no Susume: Omoide Present (Memories Present) this fall 2017



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