Shorts under skirt

Defined as: When a pair of shorts or bike shorts are worn beneath a short-length skirt.

It is mostly well known (in my opinion) when Biri-chan, I mean Railgun-chan, I mean Mikoto Mikasa show a panties shot when kicking, except she was wearing shorts underneath.

Some may say it is a bad thing since we don’t see panties. It preserve modesty of the girl in some way.

But for me, it made them kinda cute? Most of them are active genki girls. Besides, since they wearing one, I can get free panties shots since they don’t care anymore.

No need to flip the skirt to see it in some cases. You know, like in the tennis match. some of the shorts can be designed to be cute too, like in some idols costumes in Precure.

and so, I start the spam of anime arts wearing it.

[Warning: A lot of pic spam, may cause moe-diabetes due to over cuteness dose, or lag in your internet due to high amount of data in one post]




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