I don’t use spam-I mean blog as good as before

I wonder why I feel that way?

  1. You know, I wanna blame this site limit of uploading image for that. Uploading to other image server takes time, then I need to link it here. also, please fucking stop this stupid notification. I have not upload anything for months, stop asking for money from this poor guy.
  2. I have a job now. So of course I can’t go 18 hours a day on the internet searching for cuteness all the time now. That doesn’t mean I wanna pay 35.88 USD = RM155.27 a year for a 6GB space I could, in just a few months, fill in instantly. Believe me I can I was that good.
  3. Which also goes to my other passion, anything that I wanted to share i’ll share here. I.. don’t have things to share. Well, actually I do. but it is faster to be done on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. The loading time just to make a post is too annoying now.
  4. Being lazy. I just scheduled posts now. It is easy. and keep the blog look busy every day. But in turn… I feel like, its empty. Not something I would post on impulse that I really really loved to share to everyone, which is kinda the whole purpose of the blog when I first started. Other than I don’t play visual novel that much anymore. So kinda transferred from old blog to this new one.
  5. I don’t have time much, so I don’t play much long term games. Like I used to play idolmaster, and I have whole to do so. Well, I could during my off-days, but somehow I just don’t do it routinely. Kinda stupid too to just stay in the room playing game others don’t play the whole time just for cuteness. Honestly, most people don’t understand my taste of music, anime, games. Oh, also my taste for girls. Don’t worry, I don’t go lolicon and imouto complex IRL. Not as much as I could get arrested.
  6. Maybe I am trying to be normal? I don’t go out still, like at all. But I at least tried to socialize with my family. I don’t really care about others. Family tho, I care truly deep from my heart, and I don’t mind spending few hours with them chatting, playing around, joking around, watching TV together…
  7. Maybe coz I didn’t watch anime much these few months, or read that much on internet. If I watch anime properly, I have things to discuss at least. And if I surf internet<, I get knowledge I can use to properly type a discussion or opinion of stuff.
  8. Admin an anime page. I wanna impress people I guess. And spamming pic of cute anime girls there works. Kinda. Even among anime fans I am odd duck. And so, since Facebook is a lot easier and we can get faster response, I just shared most of my cute anime pics there. I used to do that only here in this blog. But perhaps, since I feel like I HAD to post, I don’t properly like, adventure to fine new, hidden gems. Don’t have time, and anime fans either don’t recognize it or just don’t wanna explore new possibilities. I don’t really like those people that say they like cute things yet all they wanna see is “plots”, “pantsu” and “sexy”. Guess it is also my fault for spamming Morikubo nono all the time.

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