ATOM RPG: Indie game Inspired by Fallout, Deus Ex

From Kickstarter’s Introduction:

The deterioration in relations between Eastern and Western blocs in the 1979 has led to a full-blown Armageddon between nuclear powers in the year 1986. The War was swift, devastating and brutal… The fact that humanity persevered was miraculous.

Nineteen years have passed and it’s 2005. Both once great Empires and their allies now lie in ruins, but on top of those ruins new civilizations are slowly emerging…

This story takes place on a small patch of land in the south part of the USSR where you take the role of an undercover operative from a secret bunker society called ATOM… Your mission is to find any traces of an expedition that recently stopped contacting the main base…

My thought:

There is a demo you can try it first. I have never played the first fallout, but I did played Fallout 4 a bit, never finished it. But based on how its looks, as I said, really seems to be similar to Jagged Alliance. What is interesting is how they said “open world”. I never played this style of games in term of open world. If they mean it, not as Jagged Alliance played out. Which kinda similar in term of opportunities and possible character.

It’s an action turn based, or what they call CRPG. Hmm.. that word reminds me of Baldur’s gate. I suck at this kind of games.

Well, instead of me, lets talk about the game. I see that it has potential. Every one may experience the game different from another based on their choices and playstyle. It’s war, so we have guns and bombs. I hope we can play a bit of melee specialised character too, just for those want a challenge. But surely it lose against a flame thrower 😛

Then it also mentioned, crafting. Huhu. Now it looks like Diablo. xD

For its worth, if it is successful, it is a good deal. Just minimum $15 for a pretty good games to those that love this type. I know I am the kind that like to try it, but will usually suck at playing until a guide/walkthrough came out. 😛


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