19. Feel like getting fever

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

I went offshore again today instead of going to office. My father took my safety boots, so I had to use the spare one I planned to use the second half of the year. I wanted to ask for senior’s help for my on job training, but the senior was busy with something else. Oh well. And I found our I can be better at soccer video games lol.

Wednesday 5 April 2017

I woke up, realizing that I felt asleep without knowing at all. I wonder when I fell asleep. I feel sick a bit recently. Then, when I went to work, kinda get a talking to about yesterday from senior. huhu…

But I have cute animated Nono when I was surfing internet ❤

Thursday 6 April 2017

I think I am becoming more useful to my senior. Although I am still slow in doing my job. I was just assisting, but still feel like I achieved something. Prefer that over a certain work colleague that somehow went MIA the whole day, and only appear when it times to go home lol.

Then there were dinner. I actually don’t want to go. I prefer playing games in my room or watching youtube or hen– I mean anime. Yup definitely that. But I at least should show up. And eat a lot for free lol.

Then when I should be going home, a friend tricked me to a certain bar. Urgh. I was had the same way and I still don’t learn. I don’t drink the alcohol, and I am too shy to try to sing the karaoke. Well, until I feel I should be singing, but  I waited too long for my song to show up. And I somehow feel dizzy… I think they mix some of theirs in my drink.

I… don’t want to drink. It is one of my important life decision I had in like 2 years ago. I know, some people say I don’t try things, don’t have life etc etc. But for me, I just simple don’t like it. Other than it waste my fucking money. Even as I drink this coke now, I feel like I am a bit drunk. Maybe just the atmosphere. Or the lighting. Loud speakers. Or coz I ate too much before lol. I think my head is becoming hot. Uh, I think I should sleep it off now instead of trying to type anymore. I guess…. my parents prayed hard to God to protect me from doing stupid things. And I started to speak in english… uh, must be just me wanted to drink but being stubborn. Oh, they also offered me to have sex with the girls. Nah.

Friday 7 April 2017

I just realize the post was written in March, instead of April. I feel like I haven’t been focusing lately. Maybe I am stressed. I wished I could just buy me a new RM5000 gaming PC rig now.

Back to the topic, we have some trouble at work, and despite me wanting to help out, the big boss sent me away to other area. Huhuhu… I wanted to learn more. But sometimes, they just… don’t see that I can’t do it if they forbid me all the time. I sometimes felt that they just intentionally put barrier on everything. They wanted me to ask questions, but most of my questions left unanswered, telling me I had to look it up myself.

I almost ramble too much. Hehehe…

Sunday 9 April 2017

I thought I was with my senior when I went up to a platform, as the only process technician. So, I was literally responsible for everything on that one mother platform damn. I am still not confident, and kinda my own fault for not trying hard enough.

Then, luckily one senior was borrowed to go to the platform. phew.

And then, someone showed something like an app to gamble online. with real money, and gain real money. Huhu… I don’t… think I should play it ever.

Monday 10 April 2017

Get scolded for not doing good enough job yesterday. I am still learning I guess. Although I still can’t talk/socialized much with some of my work colleagues… huhu.

kinda have nothing to talk to some of them. But I am open to some others.

Btw, Hinako Notes is cute ❤

and right now, I am feeling dizzy. I didn’t get fever at all. I think these few days, I have been falling asleep without me realizing is part of my body coping with the physical and mental fatigue. Sometimes I don’t realized I am tired, keep pushing myself.

And some people seems trying to make me join them playing this phone app, that allow you to gamble online. I was curious and interested, but then, I feel like it is just a waste of money.


And since my off day is coming up, I should plan what I wanna do. Like getting the driver’s license, make the overtime sheet form, actually do my bank pin number thingy (its like 2 weeks already lol), pay loans, pay bills, buy some toiletries.  Maybe some sex toys, beers– no no, I mean,  that liquid spray that can be put on goggles to make it don’t get foggy. Maybe a new PC. Or phone.

…Why they are all about buying stuffs? lol

Oh yeah, my bathroom need some maintenance. Promised to go to a massage parlor with a friend.  Maybe I should go out more. But not to a club or something. Dart is interesting to me.

Cy@ later cute girls and guys. 🙂


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