Anime, Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura game fan translated

I saw a post  shared by a Facebook friend about Card Captor Sakura game that was finally finish English fan translated.

My reaction when I can hear and watch cute Sakura again

I really really miss this song I realized it when I was playing the fan-translated game

In order to play the CCS game… (i’m just giving hints, work it out yourself)

1. Get a copy of the 2 disc game. (image copy your own discs or emuparadise)
2. Get a PS emulator (recommending epsxe starter pack)
3. download the patch from romtranslation website

4. follow the instruction in the readme
5. set up the emulator
6. Play.

bear in mind, the size is small. so.. uh.. it might be a short game. more like a visual novel / anime. I love the mini-games though.

The game is like shorten version of the anime series, with combination of pixel chibi Sakura running around, and anime video clips.

Interesting that a friend asked me what happened if Sakura never picked the book of Clow Card. My answer was she will stay as cute girl. The guy laughed, thinking my answer was yuri. You know, how Tomoyo just love Sakura she is practically stalker.


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