BanG Dream! isn’t as successful?

several days ago, an article was written and published on internet about the multimedia series is most ignored Winter 2017 series.

I think their songs are great. Japan just have too much competition in term of idols entertainment industry, both in real life and virtual world.

Honestly, if I have budget for it, I want everything Rimirin:

But as I have limited cash ability, so do others. There are a lot others they (otakus) in Japan and worldwide have to spent on, like other anime CD/DVD/BD and merchandise thats more popular, and the have been a fan of for a long time. They also work better in gameplay, as opposed to the laggy, just released mobile game. As example:


Love Live!

Hibike Euphonium


There are also a lot more moe anime people currently in hype in, like dragons. They otaku has limited amount of waifus- I mean cuties space/memory they can’t get to like everything. Even I have limited time now to spam cuteness here.

As example, do you know Mahoutsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito just came out (the  episode 2)? Maybe you forgot about it like me.

Do you know Kemono Friends? Of course not, coz its one of current hype.

there are also urara Meirocho

and many more. Handshaker( oh yea, i didn’t keep up with it), kuzu no honkai, masamune no revenge etc that’s not slice of life moe anime like BanG Dream! KonoSuba just ended. one room is vanilla ecchi that can be hentai at any moment.Did i forget to mention Gabriel Dropout?

With a lot of them cuteness overload, I don’t think its weird if one or two series fall off the radar or not as popular. Strength of BanG_Dream, for me, lies in how almost every anime series I mentioned here, their features were combined in the series. And most importantly, how great the music and songs are.

They also a real band you know. That is what surprised me most, when I found the music video linked in 4chan. They were sharing info about incoming new anime series of this band, and its awesome. Their music video show great singing, music, and they are cute too. You can also find their live video in youtube, unless you unlucky living in country get blocked from watching it.

I just realized this week, the band is called Poppin’ Party. So, that’s mean 5 cute bands with awesome music, I love that future.

I have loved idolmaster more than love live because they have better songs (in my opinion), and I actually can see individuality in every single characters(except SideM, I don’t.. uh..) . I just don’t get it much same feeling on Love Live Sunshine!. I thought it would be a great series, but BanG_Dream! just started, so not everyone know each quirks for the characters. Like Rimirin talked a lot about Chocolate Cornet in the game. I like O-Tae, she is like cool and can do anything without caring. Kasumi is just the genki girl. But if we wanna say perfect, Saya the Drummer might be good choice. Oh yeah, we have a keyboard… what was her name again? xD

Which reminds me, there are 5 bands, meaning unless you know japanese and play teh games, you don’t have any background info on any other of them. Except those showed up in the anime adaptation. I still remember that girl that wanna “take out” 2 cute girls.


-This band below is interesting-

Their games, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, has great potential. It just suffers from lag, and not  optimised yet game. People also play a lot other games now for phone, so I do think they released the game a bit too early. Should wait, like, after the anime series finished airing before officially releasing it, so fanbase are strongly founded, and looking for more. You know, like how we want more GochiUsa and they came out about a year later. Everyone flocking for their merchandise and stuff.

In conclusion, I think it is too early to say the series isnt as successful. Of course in the beginning things could have problems. Maybe they could have better chance by spreading international. We outside of japan isn’t having as saturated moe artist entertainment industry.


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