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Android/iOS game for BanG Dream!

They said it is made by the same company(Bushiroad) who made Love Live School Idol Festival! (LLSIF!)

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!(バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ!)is now available for pre-registration. It will be launched on iOS and Android in spring this year.

Developed by Japanese developer Bushiroad and Craft Egg, the game is a project from the girl band franchise BanG Dream!. Beside having musical elements, it is also a simulation game where players are able to foster the girls. At most five players are allowed to be in a cooperative gameplay.

A beta testing will be launched soon. Fans can follow us for latest updates.

Pre-registration giveaway
Over 10,000 Pre-reg: Star x 100
Over 30,000 Pre-reg: Star x 200
Over 50,000 Pre-reg: Star x 300
Over 100,000 Pre-reg: Star x 400
Over 150,000 Pre-reg: Star x 500
Over 200,000 Pre-reg: Star x 600
Over 300,000 Pre-reg: Luxurious present (TBA)
Over 1,000,000 Pre-reg: Luxurious present (TBA)

Official Website:

Official Twitter:

Official YT:



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