[Weekly Rinscribble] 13.

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay!

Last week I was being lazy, the 12th post is just a short post. haha. And i thought, even if I am just a small time blogger, I should maintain this one thing. Just for my own self-satisfaction


Tuesday 21st February 2017

I was just continuing my life on facebook, watching anime a bit, although I didn’t watch any current anime. I should watch that demon, dragon, cats animes. also handshaker even if its so bad.

And playing atelier sophie.

*minimize cheat engine*

no, i was not cheating. 😛

Wednesday  22nd February 2017

I called the car license place to make an appointment for computer test. It means taking a test on computer for the motorcycle course, instead of writing test. Uh. Why I even bother trying to explain?

Thursday 23rd February 2017

The wireless router broke. seriously, I had to use mobile internet, which has limited quota. That little brother messed with it too much. Plus it is a cheap model, so yeah.

Friday 24th February 2017

Doing the test… was too easy. only 2 wrong, and that is in the Part C, coz it has those KEJARA point things. Something about law and such. Then we went around the mall beside it looking around at computer shops for anything: Speaker, router, USB cable, etc. Also I may buy that darts too. Coz I can’t afford archery (with my time and money), so just darts fine. Then I ended up at book store, and bought a Sudoku book. Do you know you can reduce tax with the receipt? Oh, I also subscribed the book store card for some measly discount.

Saturday 25th February 2017

Another class, this time for car. I think it is more fun than motorcycle last week, maybe coz this time the people are more mature and know how to.. um.. make the teacher feel good? Uh, that sounds wrong. But you should understand what I am trying to say. It is like a real class. Laughing at that lame joke, asking questions. Maybe also because the majority are Chinese, like the teacher, so they feel easier to talk with each other, so the atmosphere are a lot better. Hmmm… racism? Meh, its more like feel at ease with those you know. Maybe.

And it seems there was a Love Live! concert going on.

And I found my kendama. Yay. Now I can practice again, if i don’t stay in front of laptop the whole time again.

Sunday 26th February 2017

I was in dilemma to either go to Miri this morning or not. The specialist glasses P.O. was really late, like 2 month late since then. Why did they gave me this right when I was busy?  I guess I’ll go after my work rotation. I’m also kinda stressed out with my current 10% only on job training. Need 50%, and I don’t have any help from senior for this. Must be coz of how stupid I am in socializing. Seriously though, it is also partly their fault too. Coz “10 years of experience comparing them with a newbie” pride. Or I was too scared of asking question. Well, it kinda hard when they keep lying to me. Coz I know nothing compared to them. -sigh-

At the very least, whatever I can, I was trying to fill in the book of the on job training. Those theory part that I can. I felt better after messaging about it with one of my friend, and then asked help using phone with a senior. Not everyone don’t want to help. I have to ask. I guess it is also partly my fault that wanted to try doing it with my own power first. But I got lazy. haha.

Then I got some copies of movies. My mother asked for some. Downloading- I mean…*cough*

Oh yeah, i also somehow thought about what would happened if I suddenly got a million dollar. I would pay my debts, buy computers, games, mobile phones… and that’s it i guess. keep everything else to stay alive buying foods and pay bills. When I mentioned that in my Facebook status, someone said, “sell your virginity to me”. lol.

I also finished the main story of Atelier Sophie. She is cute ❤


Btw, I found Dragon Dentist movie. those 2 parts.

Monday 27 February 2017 

webe website is really slow. Was thinking about changing from Celcom to webe, coz Celcome always overcharged the bills, and webe have unlimited quota.

For now. Still remember Celcom’s Magic Sim that used to have unlimited quota from 1-7am.


Anyway. I think I spent good enough time on anime and games these weeks. I really feel happy. Maybe should reconsider going into IT career, even if its just a part time job/freelance during free time.


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