[Weekly Rinscribble] 11. Roller Coaster of Sea Life

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay!

I love sunrise. This is from the Bintulu Port. I rarely take pictures IRL.


Tuesday 7th February 2017

I felt like I working better now in my job thanks to my mentor. He taught me well, and  Not doing so well in other part though, like social life. Huhu. At night, I got my sibling Moana movie as they requested. It was a great movie. I wanted to show to my work colleague in the boat next time.

Wednesday 8th February 2017

I surprised with myself as I understood well the jacket platform layout today, including the gas pipeline. Maybe I have enough experience to know what to do to learn about new platform or yesterday effort helped me confidence and more idea how to work. Lifting the chem drum is hard work though. I think I hurt my back, which mean I wasn’t strong enough and also wrong method. I was better at asking questions too, and making friends by joking around, or at least I tried.

Thursday 9th February 2017
There was a meeting in the morning, I woke up early but I played games instead. I should have gotten ready instead, I may have bad priority management these days. Although I think i can social a bit better now. PS is here now that his mother has gotten better. There were some conflict but everyone is professional. Boss paid for my breakfast, which doesn’t bother me much now. Lift a bit more chemical drums today. I got tired somehow in the afternoon. Maybe the work fatigue finally catching up on me. I need to be more careful in doing chemical handling too.

Friday 10th February 2017
I think I have done wrong manual handling few 2 days ago. I feel pain all over my body. Going to the jacket platform again. I forgot things i learned 2 days ago and got scolded by mentor. It is in me, but i having trouble re collect them. I should study more, or i mean at least review. I think ill buy new white board, big enough to write down all info i need. And a desk.

Saturday 11th February 2017
I was reading my email when supervisor tell me to stop coz were in the mid of meeting. I was looking for info for the meeting. I don’t like that action. Even if he was right not to use phone during operational meeting, but I was lookin for information. So sorry for my slowness in getting info unlike u guys remember everything in one glimpse.

Due to bad weather or high wave we turn back. Going back to shore to office.

And things get a bit awkward with my work colleague. I tried to help, but they ignored my effort with something along the line “we are more experienced than you”. Well, I have better IT background that you, so I might have better idea on why the system are not working. I really hate people that being too prideful about their years of experience or knowledge. They still makes mistakes and didn’t wrote down daily log book properly.

On this particular time I felt myself able to just, you know, isolate myself from the world and working like a robot. Efficient, not thinking about what others think at all.

So I used that time to make some progress on my on job training. One of my friend has reached 50% completion already… at least I had tried in few days and reached 8% now. Just another 42% to go.

Sunday 12th February 2017

I managed to make them watch Moana. But then again, I don’t think they were interested in “cartoon”. And especially a movie about voyaging across the sea while we were having a rough sea ride. And as expected, we went back early again today because of adverse weather. Done my on job training again, but I cut it short because my brother going back to university today. I wanted to sent him to airport if possible.

Oh, and  I found out New Game! anime series getting season 2. Yay!

Monday 13th February 2017

We were expecting to U-turn again today. The forecast still have it at high wave height and pretty strong wind. But our boss keep going. It would have been logical to only change the manning crews, but to actually board the platform. Well, we could get on, but when we getting off platform it would be harder. Man, I wished we don’t, coz it was my last day in this rotation.

I felt like the seniors were avoiding me. Or maybe they just wasting time until the shorter than usual work. Coz at evening the tide will rise faster than usual. I feel like I don’t do anything much.

When we going back, sea level was pretty high. I was a bit afraid of it. But as I saw workmate can make it, I took a deep breath and concentrate only on transferring to boat safely. I did it, well of course, or I won’t be typing this now. Some of others get their boots wet literally. and broke phone too. It was quite dangerous.

And the reason I wrote the title as roller coaster. Litearlly the journey going back the boat was rocking from every side the whole time. I am still feeling dizzy now. I think my body actually affected by every boat ride, just that the effect showed only after. Like an hour later as I sit on a chair in my home. I never got drunk, but this must be how it feel.


Overall, I feel like I improved myself, but too slow I need to catch up faster. And it seems like my relationship with my colleague are going back and forth, mostly because of me being shy and can’t start any conversation they can work with, or them being being looking down on me because of my inexperience.

I also need to think about paying the university loan, the license payment etc etc.. Huhuhu. Life is a challenge, and I don’t even reached independent level yet. Oh well. I think I feel like I am so similar to Morikubo Nono that I actually act like her now. Maybe from the facebook profile pic of mine ? 😛

Cy@ later. 🙂


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