10. Working = studying for life

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay!

Tuesday 31 January 2017
A work mate joked around with me. the jokes were a bit rude, but it is something normal among these males in the offshore industry.

I feel like I really should start writing them report of my on job training. I know, but I am still being lazy. At my job I did some more platform familiarization and assist them seniors. Then I played basketball a bit 🙂 I hurt my leg a bit. Perhaps because I didn’t do any warm up.

Wednesday 1 February 2017
I woke up late. Luckily my little sister knocked my door just in time. But since the sea was raining and rougher than usual, it wasn’t safe to transfer to platform. so we turned around and get to.. um… what was the name again? Mental Health something activity.

I also finally finished up my overtime form and gave it to the person that will help me get more money 😛 Others kept on interrupting me though, I dunno why.

Supervisor wanted to send me for a training, but since I am still in probation period, I can’t. I also do a bit more on my taskbook. like one page of it. lol.

At night, I feel that I wasted too much time again online.

Thursday 2 February 2017
This the Rem and Ram;s birthday, as well as twintail day, and suzukaze aoba’s birthday.
I wanted to burn DVD for movie viewing in the boat, but for some reason they were missing. They accused me for lying. -sigh- I don’t lie too much. Rarely. Well sometimes.


Friday 3 February 2017
I used my pendrive and connect to the DVD Player. But it seems that most of them don’t watch that movie much. Maybe coz one of them wanted me to play his DVD but I decided to played my movie first.
When we get back, I was surprised to see they were watching an animated movie from my pen drive. I thought they don’t like that kind of movie.

I also feel like my relationship with others is okay now. I feel like I can work well with them. At least when they are not busy looking down on rookie me.

There were people from the office here for some maintenance system thingy. It wasn’t hard for me, but I have no idea coz i never done that tasks before.

Saturday 4 February 2017
i tried to find that person DVD and play it this time, but seems that he took it back already. So I played another movie from my pendrive.
When I got on the platform, it was raining, so we waited until it stop before doing any work. well, not me, I just observing and learning right now. But when we were talking thing get a bit awkward and I felt hurt by some comments from them

Sunday 5 February 2017
A supervisor helped me on my on job training report. I honestly haven’t done much and only worry about it. That’s part of my bad habit. I wanted to finish it quickly but also being lazy about it.
Lookin at that engineer reminds me of how lazy I am.So I tried to at least strengthening my understanding of the platform flow. I should stop playing computer at night and learning instead. I got hurt again as I feel that they don’t understand I wanted to help but I can’t. Seriously, if the major equipment down, I have no idea or experience to help. So I was around to at least watch them troubleshoot it. Then they lie to me so I wasn’t around them. but when they solve the problem, they asked where was I? Damnit humanity.. this is part of the reason i don’t like socializing.
But at least I started studying now.

Monday 6 February 2017
Still feel like last night I don’t study enough yet.I was tired you know. I don’t even have time for dinner. But I still smile and joke around. People may not see I still tried to be friends with them. Maybe they aren’t close enough to understand how I joke around.

I think I am still too shy to some of the people. I dunno, there are several people that just don’t click to me. Or I just being shy

except that one guy that keep asking when I am going to get married. -sigh- It is true I don’t go looking for partner. I just.. well.. lazy.

I decided to go to other platform with my official mentor. Got new knowledge about the new platform and equipment on it. Also about starting up the well.. I have to trace the production line again though. My mentor is a good, experience guy and quite good in teaching. Maybe coz I am an idealist that I can’t reached the chemistry. We only talk mostly about job.

And finally I tried to do some studying properly, like just reviewing what I learned today.


I feel like when I watch anime, movie, get online and play games, it give me motivation to keep working.

But, in order for me to actually work, I have to study too. I feel like, we are going to study our whole life. It improved my self, but I just feel like doing what I have been doing before, plus the tiredness of a job.

I feel like I don’t mind having to work harder, but I prefer to do it on my own pace. Oh well.

I should not give up. Give me strength cuties!

Cy@ later cuties 🙂


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