Raramaji ららマジ a new cute mobile game

A facebook friendKirby Lee shared to me a new cute RPG mobile game, LalaMagi / Raramagi ららマジ

From Wright Flyer Studios and animated by popular anime studio, A-1 Pictures that have done a lot of great anime, comes a magic and orchestra musical instrument RPG moe games. The character designer is also Iizuka Haruko that related to Aria the Animation, Tamayura, The iDOLM@STER, Gakkou Gurashi!, etc . Most of what she involved in are anime I loves.

So the characters are really cute to my taste, and it would have interesting story, considering it is combination of music and magic RPG.

And as usual, I really love it when they used Live2D. I feel like all japanese games nowadays use them. Since it is really new (released Jan 25th 2017), expect to have a lot of updates. No english, so expect the difficulties just as I was playing AlternativeGirls . We can still play it for cuteness. Btw, it already have Valentine’s Event. Really. o.O

Oh yeah, I also realized some of the voice actress I felt I heard them before. Some of them I recognized are Aya Uchida (Voiced Minami Kotori from Love Live!)

and Oonishi Saori ( Vignette from Gabriel DropOut )

Download :

Android :


Official website:

Official Twitter:


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