[Weekly Rinscribble] 9. Spending time with family

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay!

I don’t really wrote much this time, coz I spent a lot of time on my family, and I forgot to write down anything. I don’t work anyway this week, so nothing about it


Monday 23 January 2017
I just relaxing in my home. I catch up with anime, gaming, and also posted a bit in facebook anime page. Did I ever mentioned about Aria the Animation has 3 special episodes called “Aria The Avvenire”? It is like the real ending of the slice of life series. Still so healing to me.

Oh I also played a League of Legends Coop VS Ai Game with a facebook friend. Just thought that at least I accepted the invitation and play with a friend a bit. Even if just once, at least I tried to have new friends.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Thinking that I should change my holiday mode to more working mode, I went to the office. Went to the bank first to send some money for my mother, take out some for myself for spending and buying a new OTG flash drive. When I went to the office, they seems to have some foods for the incoming Chinese New Year.

I got some T-Shirt, though I don’t deserved it because I am a new hire. Finally got my safety boots. I need the eyeglasses prescription though, but he said need about 3 months.

Honestly, I am in not good relationship with them people in the office, or rather most people in my workplace. It feels like I can’t talk at all or they avoiding me. I don’t know what I did wrong. Hmm.. I was planning to stay there to work on my on job training, but I don’t want to suffer that treatment so I went back early. i know I have to deal with it coz gonna work long time with them, but I am betting on time to make us closer. Maybe.

Wednesday 25  January 2017

Family went to Miri today. Only 3 of us at home, and also some cats. Paid some bills. I also catch up on running anime series, and watch that Goblin korean series a bit.

I don’t do my on-job training yet. It is eating me, my worry. But not from that. My debts. I have thousands ringgit education debts right now. I hate myself. -sigh-

Thursday 26 January 2017

I went to the bank to bank in money for my little sister at university. She coming back soon.  I also tried to get some of my unit trust changed back to money. its not much, just several hundreds. I think I will need these cash. Their values are still falling anyway.

Friday 27 January 2017

When I contacted my work friends regarding us going out this Monday, they said it was cancelled. I am slightly sad. And embarrassed as I feel relieved too. I don’t know. Maybe I was still worried about money, or just don’t want to go to any social activities right now.

But at the very least, I got to finished one anime series I put on hold for very long time, Mirai Nikki. I read all of the manga already, but only today I managed to finish it. Feel Yuki is so useless, and Yuno is just having misfortune for being such a yandere.

Saturday 28 January 2017

My little sister came back home today. The four of us together went to get a present for other younger little sister’s birthday. I am not good in choosing present though. We got a cute clothes for her. And a Doraemon sticker I bought at the shop.

Sunday 29 January 2017

I was just lazing around in the house. Watching movies with my siblings. I feel so happy and relaxed. I never felt this way when I with my friends. Even with my closest friends.

I spent some time for my anime series too. Somehow I feel I have time for them now. I missed watching anime properly like this.

Monday  30 January 2017

Tomorrow will start another day of working. I am being lazy right now. Somehow reminds me of that Girls Un Panzer President.


I feel like, i wanna do things my way. I can’t work hard for my bosses that just look down on me coz I know nothing (from their perspective). Of course I know nothing, I just started working. And this place are entirely different from where I trained. So, I’ll just do it with my own pace.

I want to just be happy. To smile. I stayed young looking now coz i always smile. I don’t wanna care about anything unless its important. and follow what my heart says, coz it always the right things to do. Thats what I feel.

Cy@ later cuties 🙂


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