[Weekly Rinscribble] 6. Staying in office again

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay!

The update is a bit late because I was having a withdrawal of lack of gaming, anime and cuteness, so since last night until now I was on my laptop ignoring real life for a while. 😛 Let’s get started!


Monday 2nd January 2017:

We have holiday because of new year that fall in the weekends. Feeling anxious about first time coming to the office in Bintulu.

Tuesday 3rd January 2017:

I have to go to the office at 6 am. A little brother send me to work with motorcycle. Then me and friends were gonna reported duty to and briefed by the supervisors. We have to introduced ourselves again, and I feel I could have done it better. No used crying over past though.I was kinda tired too, not enough sleep last night. Perhaps because of the worry. I tend to be a bit pessimistic. They will provide  transport to our workplace as long as I told them earlier. Then I ate a quick lunch with instant noodle. I guess something like ramen. I don’t want to spent money yet, even if I am able to.

Right as I finished, bosses asked to accompany him to lunch. Uh. You see, I am a very socially awkward person. Especially if they have position above me. and I am still in probation period. Evaluation is critical for this first few months. I don’t talk much, just listen and reply. I don’t have nothing in common. No, I am not gonna talk about anime/games with my boss.

Then the “friends” went making the name thingy that get sewn at uniform without me. I was angry. They don’t even mention about going to the store. Sometimes I think not to ever help them again considering how selfish they are. But my personality always makes me wanna help others without asking for return. So I still help them when they asking about the google drive setting for the email. Oh yeah, about the course I have done last week. I failed. Haha. had to re-attend the course. I also have another document to be stamped still in Miri.

Wednesday 4th January 2017:

I almost overslept. Luckily I don’t need to come early this time. Breakfast in the pantry, but since they are too many people I leave them to let them eat. I was eating from their foods anyway shouldn’t be eating from others too freely. Unless its a party or something.

Then I got bored. Took a short nap in the afternoon.

. My friends could go offshore already, I still stuck in the office. I borrowed a book and read a chapter about being a boss. It might be a good read, I may ended up in a some leadership roles as I went up the career ladder. Then I study a bit about the platform plan. But I got the transport guy angry because I was concentrating hard in studying. I didn’t realized the message from him. I called him back and things settled down.

Then when I got back, I have to take my siblings from the grandma house coz the motor had problem. I got into kind of a cold war with my uncle that claimed it his motor. It is true, but he didn’t pay for the load and road tax still not paid yet. We were the one maintaining and using it, while he only has his mind wanting to sell the motor. I don’t understand why i should be angry on that time though.

When we finally got back, I realized I wanted  to go to shop. The fight kinda delayed me too much the shop is closed already. -sigh- It was my only chance this week, as I have no time nor transport later.

Thursday 5th January 2017:

Today superior briefed me about taskbook. Then I started studying it. Had some ramen for lunch and I also finished the document needed stamping. The Miri office sent with Poslaju courier so we can handle it ourselves here. Despite my anger to them selfish “friends” in Tuesday,  I decided I should help them completed the form for them if I can. Which actually weird, coz I can stamped it for others. So that’s mean, my friends at Miri also can helped doing it there instead of the office girl sent it here.

This reminds me of a question from a facebook friend: “Do you prefer to be alone or with fake friends?” Honestly, no one can be alone in this world. When I being my true self, I have no friends and all became my enemies IRL. Honestly, it actually happened. But I still need others to survive. So, I just had to use them as they use me. Still not gonna expect reward for my help, just want them to respect me as I respect them, and they not betraying me too much. Some people can do bad things just for money and advancement in career.. I call that cheating like cheating in exam. Prefer doing it with my own power.

Friday 6th January 2017:

Almost got a heart attack when the big boss raised his voice while asking about the reason why I went home after half day. The other superior has already told me I am allowed to go home. Even he knew how useless I am here. And I also not that good in socializing to keep anyone company. All is fine though, already explained to him I have official things to do. I planned to get my car license.

Which kinda suck when my plan is ruined. The person helping for transport that evening suddenly can’t send me. I look for alternative, but all people are still working.  Obviously lol. and I have technical problem with my motor. Oh well.

Also went to a wedding party and I can hear some people gossiping about me. I have certain hatred towards certain race in malaysia that always being slow in doing walk, highest in crime rate and just plain hateful sometimes. They talk more than actions. They are mostly kind and respect others to strangers, but when they talk bad or betray others, no other race has done it better but  them here. Must be why they can destroy the very country they build up. Like high tax. Higher petrol price. etc etc

Honestly, it isn’t my fault I am not get paid. And no, I don’t need that pay. My friends need it. I need the staff ID (Which still not finished until wtf?) so I can apply for passport, which allow me to work. I don’t like getting paid without working. I am pretty honest person. Quiet honest. Not all the time, but I have principle to gain money with my own power. Unless I have supernatural power allow me to steal money, maybe… but I am a normal person without such ability, so if I don’t shed bloods, tears and energy, I don’t like getting money doing nothing in the office. It is really boring too. And the longer the delay, harder for me to finish my on job training that I targeted to finish in 3 months. I already lost more than 1 month now. I have to go offshore to start doing it for real and gain acquaintances or seniors that can help me.

But of course, those old men strangers that never work in the industry won’t understand and still gonna gossip talking badly about others. I

*searched for cute picto keep my happy*

I should not worry about it. I have to constantly reminding myself about that. They can talk shit, but that won’t do anything. i am the one struggling to my current state. I got among the best test result in my university and industrial training despite how slow, untalented, immature and forgetful I am. I worked hard with balanced work and fun, and I am rewarded with this job that I got, while other hundreds that only spent time talking bad about others still looking for job. I am not looking down on them, I want them to succeeded too. That;s truly from my heart. But at the same time, I should be thankful and be more confident about my hard work.

And also yesterday, I was scheduling my posts for Waifu Co. page, and the main admin commented in our chat “it has been piled of your cuties post hahaha”. I should not spam too much in the page like I did in my facebook profile 😛


I am currently still succeeding in continuing some sort of daily routine of exercise, either jogging or walking or some light exercises. I get distracted sometimes from my studying though, either from family matters or anime cuteness or laptop or gaming or just fell asleep on the books. meh. next week I gonna join the crew for a short course. Won’t join their dinner though, I am not related with what they are celebrating.

Well then cy@ later! Look forward to more update about my life of the job!


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