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Fate/Grand Order – First Order , where my cute Mash-chan is animated <3

Fate/ Grand Order, a mobile version of this popular Fate series has a released animation movie just yesterday (31 December 2017).


I feel so happy when I see Mash-chan animated here.

The animation also finally showed me the true story of the game.  I didn’t play the game and don’t understand Japanese, so I have only some hints based on what I read in wiki.

Each character introduction is proper and enough even for those new to the series. They explained generally about Holy Grail war, except for about Master and Servant relationship, and classes. Some may wonder what does it means to be summoned as Caster or Saber or Archer.

For those have been with the series for long, like me :P, it refreshing to see the same Fate series animated again in big TV. Watching our handsome spear-man as Caster might be a bit shocking unless you knew about it from F/GO and their different classes possibility.

The fights are great! it truly showed off their respective personalities, classes and even experiences, as Mash-chan or Shielder is still new.

Overall, its of great animation quality. The story feels a bit rushed, but story still properly told, similar to how I felt with Fate/Unlimited Blade Work movie. Just missing here and there, and it seems that the story slightly altered from the game version. Watching it would be great, but will leave more to be desired.


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