[Weekly Rinscribble] 5. Rin is admin now / Going back home

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay!

Kinda like a diary. So I think I should try make it more diary like.Although I somehow misplaced my note book. I am typing this from my memory. so… it might be a bit more messed up writing.


Monday 26th December 2016:

We got a day off because Christmas fall on Sunday. No one else was home.

I was approached by an acquaintance on Facebook chat to admin an anime page. I was really excited because I finally have a good reason to spam my cute pictures. 😛 Then, I thought that I may not be able to commit to the cause of the page. My job isn’t that easy. Right now I have free time because I don’t exactly started yet, but I wont be posting much.

After rejecting the offer, my heart doesn’t feel right. So after few hours of thinking and pondering and wondering about, I decided to join. I can manage it somehow I think, I can always schedule posts for times I can’t post regularly. Don’t wanna over-spam the page hehe. I was really nervous though about posting in the page.

This day was also the day I decided to start walking every day as a light exercise.I have no shoes so I can’t go jogging yet. At the very least I should be fit for work.

Tuesday 27th December 2016:

I have arranged a friend to be helping me go to the office. I have no transport, I have to depend on others with cars. Then he dropped the bomb at few minutes before arranged time saying he can’t get me. He was drunk he said. I went to other friends that could, have to squeeze 6 people into 5 seats car. Then I heard he still can get the other friend that always with him to work. Sometimes I wonder if trusting friends is a bad thing.

I’m also losing my motivation to work recently. Haha. It isn’t like we have anything to do except waiting for the staff ID no.


 Above is a visual art by Yuriko Horiguchi, well known as character designer for Lucky Star, K-on and Tamako Market. The  digital idol group project is call “22/7”. I love K-on ❤

I am starting to get used to posting in the anime page. Just realized s4s means share for share, like helping each other out. Posting from phone may caused lower than normal quality pictures, so using laptop is best.

Wednesday 28th December 2016:

I started pushing HR from Miri and KL for faster process of the staff ID. I can’t do anything though.

Then a friend asked about The Idolmaster and if its any good, as I am spamming them in the page. I get a bit too excited explaining about it. haha xD but at least, I could get new im@s fan yay.

Thursday 29th December 2016:

I was waiting for my family for quite some times. They got stuck in a traffic jam. I supposed to go back today, but I cant. Good thing is I decided to back Nekopara OVA kickstarter . It was amazing when we see the project reached target in 45 minutes. D:

Friday 30th December 2016:


When I was writing this blog, I realized how I capable of managing time for the post by making scheduled posts. I haven’t doing any real plan for this blog at all. Hmm.. I think I could be making more effort instead of just making excuses. You know, like writing blog like I am used to. Talking about cuteness after reading a little bit more and share my opinon about it. And perhaps anime review. or game review. I wrote a list of important to do while I am at it. I’ll fix this after I settled my job right now.

Cy@ later cute boys and girls 🙂


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