2016 Christmas spam <3

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas and happy new year! Hope you had a great year, and even better year in the next 2017. Never give up, and stay cute, cheerful self you have 🙂

Talk about Christmas, it usually happened during winter (Well duh) and I have this love for the winter clothes. I dunno, I just love them. I may not like the cold, but I would love to play with snow. Maybe. I dunno, I’ll find out when I got a chance to go vacation somewhere with winter.

I wished Morikubo Nono has a christmas outfit too..

As usual, to celebrate Christmas, I’ll spam stolen pictures of anime arts from all over the internet. 😛

But first:

Merry Christmas Anime Mix AMV: Holy Night (2nd place in AMV Alliance’s 2013 Christmas Contest)

Fairy Tail “Fairies’ Christmas” OVA PV:

And a reminder, as one of my favourite anime Clannad, has Nagisa Furukawa birthday on 24 December. ❤

and now we can proceed to making this blog laggy, I mean full with Christmas cuteness- I mean spirit. 😛 Anyone, whoever you are that is reading this post, feel free to greet Merry Christmas in comment box. ❤

(Copyright to all respective artists, anime and mangas)

For Kirby Lee  coz he loved Hidamaris: 


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