[Weekly RinScribble] 3. Getting lazy

Hello cute guys and girls! I am back for more Weekly RinScribble! Yay! For anyone new to this, it is a series of me rambling sharing about a week of my life since I got the job.

On last weekend before this Monday, a friend visit us here. I just kinda accompanied him and others going around mall and eat some snacks at food stalls.


Monday: It is holiday! Yay. Lol I got a break just after 2 weeks of my job. Advantage of working in office is that we can get all the holiday. I will miss it when I started going offshore.

Just after I had breakfast, my uncle asked me if I could accompany him to a breakfast outside. o.O At first, I declined, but since he asked again, “sure.” Coz we already ate you know, kinda like a waste. Then, it was revealed that he was taking a friend from airport. What the hell?  I feel my relationship with him break even further. I never like his type of personality anyway.

Tuesday: We got information from our branch (where we supposed to be) and have contacts. Whatsapp is such a convenience thing. 🙂 We even got a date to go to and our Team Leader name. Each of us has our own team it seems, so we might not work at same shift, but we still going to the same platform. On this time, I still self-study as usual.. but getting tired of it. I once went to the library.

Some of us that just bored since first day has been escaping here for quite a while now. Haha. Even the superiors don’t care coz they knew how bored we are without anything to do. Except me, coz I am slightly nerdy, with self-study and stuff.

Wednesday: The day in history I started to slack off for real. on the phone reading some articles or facebook or chatting.

I didn’t do much studying, but at least I discussed with a colleague about something. We gonna have a 3 days course of it next week, so kinda like a review. I heard some executive failed that course and has to retake. Well… I am trying not to do that. Rm1,000 course is expensive.

Thursday: I literally do none of the studying today except looking at the oil price. We were surprised though when some of us got staff ID no. Now they can proceed with some other things. I got stressed trying to ask help from others for going to bank to deal with what left to finished our procedure, but none of them wanted to.  I feel like these “friends” of mine are weird. They can watch movies all day in the library  which is wrong, but can’t spend 1 hour just sending me to bank. Sometimes I wonder if they just use me whenever I helped them before. But since I help without asking for return, I can’t use that to force them.

Well… not that I actually had done a good job in my relationship with them.

Talking about the procedure to get the staff id though, the headquarters staff was so late in telling us we have incomplete attachment. We have been sitting here for 2 weeks and only now they tell us about it.

And to add to my chaotic day, we were informed on 4pm (we go back at 5pm) we have a course tomorrow. seriously, 3 of us were on the mercy of others to come to office, preparing transport in few hours was quite hard.

Friday: I remembered the recent warning about bank card change in Malaysia. Ah damnit. I have no time coz I have course today. We were lucky too coz one friend wiling to lend his car for the day. The guy taking me was late though, despite reminding me that night to get ready on time. The course was easy, we have learned it before. The practical part was new though. Then, I tried to find someone to help go to bank again. Still no positive response from anyone… I feel kinda depressed now. I don’t feel like doing any favor for anyone among them anymore…

at least just to those I recognize actually tried to help. I may forget names and even faces, but I have never forget favors done to me. Good or bad.

Including the nice people that following and pressing like button my blog posts

The good side of today, I learn something instead of continuing my laziness.

About Schoepentoeter has two way to use in vessels, how F1 mercedes won partly because of it (or rather the same principle behind it), and there are one person among my friends that actually offered to help me going to bank tomorrow. It open specially for bank card change in Saturday. And I got Pocky and cheese cake yay.

Oh yeah, I also found Faber-Castell pens that I use all the time. I was looking for it and finally found it coz I tagged with them to shop. And then, they talk about girls. Tfw you never did anything they did.

How do I say about this? I have knowledge about sex,  but not the kind that play with girls knowledge . Like have a one night stand, having a condom in wallet and corrupting young school girls..

Despite some lewdness I explore in Internet, as a closet pervert I don’t do it IRL. Besides, prefer to be loyal to one. Kinda old school thinking but that’s just how I am.


I kind of feel this week has gone wrong simply from the bank part.I tried to contact the 3 banks’ hotline, but for some reason they are all “busy”. I could have done it online except for 1 bank, but since there is a problem with my internet banking (haven’t use it for a while and need re-activation) I have to contact them to help activate my online banking. Which is through calling the hotline. I can try going to the bank directly, but as I said, transport was hard, and also my time constraints.

I need to keep it up. Even if this week has up and down, I have to keep on going. Never give up. It is just week 3. I have my whole life in a harsher lifestyle soon. Specifically next month. D: Trying hard to stay positive. 🙂

Cy@ later.

PS: Rewrite Season 2 @ January 2017?


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