[Weekly RinScribble] 2. Rin is a Office-temp?

I am back for more Rinscribble!

*clap clap clap*

It really feel great using my laptop not just for studying.


Monday: I had to find a way to get my medical report. The contact in headquarter wasn’t replying to my email. Then, I remembered that I had the clinic’s phone number, so I called them. In few minutes later, I got my soft copy of medical in email, and forwarded it with a copy of my T-Bosiet to HR department.

Then, we had a meeting with the big boss. Get to know each other, listen to his advice a bit, and found out we need to wait a little bit more.

Tuesday: Our (temporary) married, female supervisors that’s younger than me ( haha ) asked us to help with arranging files in cupboard based on location. Just for something to do until we finished waiting here haha. I feel like these files they won’t use anymore but can’t throw away. I dunno. I spied one good useful note-worthy files though, but I didn’t pick it up for myself. Yet

Wednesday: From some of the files, I found out more about where I am going to work. We should be getting the information only after successfully transfer there, but I got some early info. A friend invited us to a different cafe for our lunch. I overspent a little bit…  I usually keep my lunch under RM10. But, as I mentioned earlier in this week, I am still waiting confirmation from  headquarter. I was pretty much doing nothing but reading my task book after that.

That night, I thought about how un-productive I was in the office. I do some self-study, but it is kinda slow without my notes, which is inside my laptop. Oh, and no more hotel room, no more hot shower. Huhuhu

Thursday: I brought my laptop to the office. My friends laughed at my big bag. meh, whatever. I finally got to use my time more effeciently by studying faster. I review a lot more, and realized how much I have forgotten. xD Well, not that I didn’t expect that. I am the kind that actually have bad memories. Even this blog post is only possible because I had kept some sort of record of what I was doing.

And a kind female executive lend us a Handbook that gave some more info on the platform we going to work at. How lucky ❤ (though I knew some info earlier hehe). But at that night, I had kind of a heated discussion with my uncle. This strained my relationship with him a little bit. I guess I don’t want to lose too, though we both have points. I hate it when he wrote some note to me with belittle-like tone. He is also still want to win like me, but that was underhanded. Directly talk to me instead of that indirect method.

Friday: The morning wasn’t so great today… and I don’t feel like I had enough breakfast. For some reason since I came Dec 1, I kept waking up in the middle of the night, and can’t sleep afterward, then just simple fall asleep early at night. It still continue on today.

My friend was asking me about meeting HR. Well, we met them. And then, my oh my, we got even more information yay. Like about our salary, possibility that I may be in the office ‘goyang kaki‘ (doing nothing) for a month, and we have incoming short course in 2 weeks. They said, a lot of people failed this course… I think I need to review it coz we have learnt it before. Seems that in this company, the way they do it slightly different than what we have learnt. Had a great lunch this time, just RM5 wow. without drink though, and it was really delicious.

Just realized we would get paid for doing almost nothing this month. lol


So now, here I am, still in office clothes, just typing in the room. Some friends went back home town because we have 3 days break  (Monday is holiday it seems). Looking back, I typed a lot. Hmm.. Honestly, I am still worried about if I can do it, this job I mean. But among several dozens, I am the few lucky that got the job, so I have to do my best. Self-study.

Still need to have some rest though. Maybe I’ll visit friends that didn’t go back hometown just to keep em company.

cya later guys and girls!


2 thoughts on “[Weekly RinScribble] 2. Rin is a Office-temp?

  1. I wish these posts were longer. I’m really enjoying reading through these. Hopefully I’ll find out that work got easier for you as I keep reading ^^

    Also, I love the pictures you use in these posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I can’t actually write too much, coz personally I am still afraid of showing too much of myself even if its the anonymous internet. Don’t want the real life acquaintances of mine actually read this… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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