[Weekly RinScribble] 1. Rin Reporting for Duty!

This is post about my life since my job offer. 🙂

*Listening to Yayoi*

This blog post might be a start of a weekly series, for what is happening to me, kinda like diary as someone said.   Still dunno if there should be a name for the series or something. I’ll think of proper one later.

Last Wednesday morning, a call comes, asking me to report for duty next day. So, with help of a friend, I packed my stuff and go to the office location.

Next morning, I report for duty. It wasn’t much really, for a few days we are given a briefing and some info about our salary, what paperwork need to be done, and stuff like that. Company was nice enough to provide a hotel nearby the office for a week for free. Yay. But only a person in this room make me restless. I know I can just open up my laptop and be fine, but I am trying to use it less for my own sake.

And. well… that’s it? some of my colleague that was with me in our last year industrial training went for some night fun but I don’t want to, coz I want to have good rest and I don’t have money anyway. I was worried about house rent and transportation later. But it seems that I am going to be located at my city instead, so house part is finished. I just need to wait for that Offshore Safety thingy. For now I’ll work in the office. Friends helped too for my transport to office.

Oh yeah, There is a ICT EXPO 2016 here.. but no money 😦

PS: I don’t usually share my real life in here, coz I want to separate me here and me IRL. Besides, there are things we should not share coz of company policies and stuff.   I can’t do it daily I think, coz I really should focus on my study. Opening my laptop will make me distracted for hours… haha. And hopefully no one know who I am really is based on this… I am a closet otaku you know. haha.


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