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messing with sisters

I have one little sister that keep joking around with me, that older sister asked why she keep doing that? You know, why she just keep fighting or teasing me?  she just fond of me for some reason.

Coz I did it jokingly to her first. And I am kinda the kindest among the sibling to her. When everyone else easily get angry at her, coz she kinda easily get distracted like me, I always just talk to her. I use the same tones. Just giving advice and hoping she changing, coz I don’t want to to do her how  I was treated before.

I do try being kind to all my siblings, and only she realized how I treated my family special. like some head pats. most of the time they dun understand and run away though. except that one sis. 🙂

Some ways I played with them is with dolls. Making the dolls climbing chairs to them, then attacking them cutely as I tickles them. 😛 Although one of them was traumatized when other brother played the doll that can open close eyes just after the night they watched a horror movie regarding the same kind of doll. 😛 she literally scream and run away. Now still afraid of dolls, but not screaming anymore, just slowly walking away from any doll xD

the most little 2 kid sisters always get naked in and out of showers time.  then they got all embarrassed when I saw them. everyone in my family feels weird, why they are embarrassed only in front of me lol.

So sometimes, I do “skinship”. *almost touch* 😛

they will just run away laughing haha. I never do it for real. Kyou (clannad)  is doing it for real though, the sexual harassment.

One of them really like taking pictures, she knew how to pose and act cute. below is an example how she acted.

And she do it like Sunohara Mei, when she wanted something, like toys or snacks in the shops.

They are also times they hit me with everything they got.

Nowadays, they all play phone games and stuff like that.

They sometimes willing to fight to death for insignificant things or use crying strategy to win.

The older sis used to wake me up hard. Like literally hitting me to wake me up lol. but I respected her most, the other I think highly is the other little brother. These two siblings are among the best, with high education achievement, willing to learn every things, and have a lot of friends. The sister is the artist and fashion, something around combination of Yuno and Sae in Hidamari Sketch..

The brother love all physical activities and yet learn everything from programming to guitar to art to basketball to running to swimming to… Oh, did I mentioned he is the cute type? xD

I am so proud of each of my siblings. 🙂 sometimes i just hugged them without reason, just to show my affection, even if they just run away later haha.

and thanks for reading my rambling. 😛 See you next time in another episode of rinscribble~


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