Anime, The iDOLM@STER

Just finished watching THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE – To the Other Side of the Light!

For me iM@S fan, watching my lovely idols again really makes me excited and happy. There are friendships, musics, memories (of being producer of Idolmaster SP), dramas, and most importantly, really subtle yuri subtexts despite everyone loves Producer-san. 😛 😛 😛

Warning: Possible Spoiler. I will tried not to spoil it for those haven’t watched it yet.

At first, they give us a trailer for their movie in the movie. Miki as sleeping beauty turned evil, combined with some robots and mahou shoujo genre, lol.


and then it goes into their Sunday’s show. If you watched the anime series, at around last episode they mentioned the show was coming back as something something Revolution. I can’t remember lol.

I love it as the movie re introduce each one of them, with their progression of idol career and how confidence they are as professional idols. Even Yukiho. Miki and Chihaya has reached international level.

I still wonder until now, what is arcade concert? I think it is just a reference to how im@s games started from arcade games with ability to save.
Training for incoming all star concert again

Introducing idol-in-training!
they reminds me of all idols in idolmaster starlight stage that sometimes get voice and become center if voted high to top 5. These idols wasn’t being given that much storyline, but you can at least feel some of it, Kana is the most important among them though She wanted to be Haruka.

they all have same training outfit ❤

Haruka was appointed as the leader of the concert. Well, I think everyone do look at her as the one keeping them all together. Despite keep falling without anything tripping her haha. She was the one wanted to become an idol the most among them. This is important in here later.

Yukiho has grown up. But she still dig holes.

Well, most of them are good senpais. Looking at training idols having hard time, you remembered how Yukiho was so bad at dancing and her confidence was really bad. That’s why she also understand the new idols the most.
I love the integrated songs. It was like musical, yet stand on its own. Have something to do with the movies too at almost every point they appeared. you know, somehow related to the plots.

Kotori-san still being usual fujoishi day-dreamer 😛 she imagined president and that journalist together lol


And then she subtly hinted her crush. All the females have crush on producer-san, that lucky dog.

Haruka is teh leader.
Well, i can see her as one since the beginning, but when she was appointed officially, somehow it resonate with me, like… if I ever in her shoes, I will be worried just as she did. She wanted to make it a success for producer

Reminds me of Doraemon. Haha~

Nobita’s house really similar to Kana’s house.

As i said about me slightly similar to Haruka in being worried, I also kinda the type that similar to Kana. Well, I think I am almost the same as her.

I always run away. Hiding. And don’t feel like people should help me.
But deep inside, there is something I really wanted.
I keep thinking that I don’t fit to do it. Even now. But at least, at least… now I can keep moving forward with my own pace. Even if I don’t have those good friends anymore.
Well, I have, but I still run away hiding my problems from others. Coz, I believe in making my own decision, and living it even if it was wrong. And… um… I should be independent soon. One day. I don’t have haruka to help me, but I still there are people that may that care about me still around me.



And finally, the amazing concert.

Do you know we have the live version of this concert, by their seiyuus?

This movie isn’t perfect. I saw some parts where animation was rushed, but I forgive it as it just a few parts. I wished they elaborate more on background and personalities of each training-idols, and they actually dancing instead of just clapping hands there. Maybe they still want to focus on the original lineup. But I am still very satisfied with this movie

As usual, I still love them 765Pro the most among all idol anime characters in the world. Even if I have Hoshizora Rin as one of my fav, they are really, as a whole, has always and will always be the best idols chars for me.
Maybe because I used to produce them.
Maybe because of how unique each one of them.
Maybe how much I knew about their background story.
Maybe simply them being the first idol anime that I have watched.
Maybe iM@S just have the money to make another promotional/ advertisement movie that have high quality enough to steal my heart again.
I still love them. Haruka. Chihaya, Yayoi, Iori, Ami, Mami, Miki. Azusa. Makoto. Yukiho. Shijou. Hibiki. Ritsuko. Kotori.

Just as he said:

I’ll never forget them. ❤


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