I love chocolate balls

Usually when someone asked me what is my favourite food, I can’t think of anything. Rice is one thing, but it is a staple food for Asian.

Then, today, when I was walking down the road, I saw a bakery, and my first thing in mind was “do they sell chocolate balls?” and I realized, this snack is one of my favourite food.

What is chocolate balls?

Chocolate balls are a spherical confection made of or dipped into chocolate. Other ingredients may include peanut butter or marzipan.

In Nordic countries, most notably Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, chokladboll or kokosbollar are chocolate balls covered in coconut.

Valentine’s Day? 😛

For just RM0.80, it used to be 50 cents

I love eating choco-balls. They are sweets, they taste like chocolate (well duh), cheap, and also easy to eat.

In my place, this is how our chocolate balls looks like. Most likely to reduce the cost the recipe and looks is slightly different than what you guys think of chocolate ball is. You know, those commercial ones.

I look it up on the internet and several recipes that I referred too.

  1. Chocolate Ball Recipe from Book of Cooking website
  2. ChocoBall from blog Sekuntum Mawar Merah in Malay
  3. two Youtube channel in In Indonesian How to create choco ball  , Cara Membuat Kue Bola-Bola Cokelat

So based on these, I see that it is quite easy to make, even me that lack cooking skill. The only time I make any sweets is when I bake that one instant chocolate cake. Haha. There are several variations, but in general there are two base (like how we use powders to make cakes as base)

  1. to use real powders and milk chocolate
  2. Use alternatives such as cookies or biscuits(marie and stuff like that) and other chocolate snacks (Oreo). also can add milk chocolate into the mix later.

then we have creams or margarine, and some chocolate rice or other crushed cookies as decoration. Maybe some of nuts like hazel nuts if you have it.

If using cookies / biscuits we will crushed and grinded them into dust (GAO!~) and then mix everything together. Then we make them into ball-shape. Remember to use gloves(?) to keep em clean. Then, just sprinkled the decoration part and put them in your mouth- I mean in your fridge.

Yeah, well, you can actually it them that instant depends on how you make them. I heard that bakery made their choco-ball from excess ingredients from cakes. I dunno how true it is.

But I do know I love eating them choco-balls. Ta ta, until we meet again in another episode of rinscribble where I rambling stuff again.


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