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The iDOLM@STER anime spam

About 23 hours ago I just finished re-watching the idolmaster. I actually was going around my hard drive trying to delete some stuff to open up spaces, and then saw this anime series folder. Remembered that i wanted to rewatch it. I still feel so happy, so content, so full of feeling, so…


Thanks A-1 Production it is rare for an anime series to impact me so much even though i rewatched it. I only got to play Idolmaster SP the PSP version of the series, but I really hope I can produce them again. PC version of the game doesn’t exist except the browser game version that actually for mobile, which is more like the recent idol card game than idol management

Oh yeah, I just realized I haven’t watch the movie yet I think.

/ps: the html code keep messing up I keep copying the image link over and over again, but somehow it is missing again and again….

[Warning: heavy post again. Disclaimer, no responsibility over any lagginess in your computer browser as well as any nosebleed or other cuteness overload symptoms.]


Yuki-pyon doesn’t want to be in camera





meow~ such a tricky twins



Ritsuko-san producer slash idol



sad but still cute yayoi 😦

sad yayoi.PNG


Spinach defeat all.




Reached 100% for quota they said. Time to switch to other image sharing sites


“He was my only audience”


and then Haruka punch Chihaya in the face- I mean support her no matter how meddling she is.

And one of the best songs in The Idolmaster was born

Thank you for smile :’)
Kisaragi Chihaya is a great singer, has great look and really seems to enjoy singing. ❤

One thing I really love about The iDOLM@STER anime adaptation is how they stay true to the story of the game, yet with their own way of telling. For each character, perfectly.

How Chihaya can now smile when singing. “No music? I will still sing” attitude is cool haha.

Producer/idol have her own stage time yay.
Takane ramen girl is Moon Princess without a doubt. hehe xD
How the animal/beast tamer  try to spend more time with her animal family.
Miki Miki the genius idol that want to shine even more.
Yayoi with her importance of her family.
Azusa get lost but give guidance to others. She want to get married early tho. ;P
Prince Makoto-sama is a girl too, so she will make the prince dream of other girls come true until someone come to take her as princess.
Shy/shovel girl try to overcome her shyness and great friend with Makoto (sheesh just kiss already :P)
Idol Ojou-sama/Deko-chan want to become top idol to overcome her brothers.
and Haruka the most positive and encouraging, is still have her own problem.
Those twin doesn’t have any care in the world though.

oh Kuroi president with his evil tricks too.
rival hot blooded Touma is actually pretty cool because he want to fight with skills. and not that gullible, actually realized those tricks.

I feel like they actually spent enough money and time to writing the scripts and created this anime, unlike the more recent idol anime that just more to build up hype for their merchandise. Some older anime series may not work that well *cough*xenoglossia*cough* but this one is well made. Even without playing the game, everyone can understand and get absorbed in it.


Perhaps some don’t realize it how these two was best friends. Takagi still trying to help Kuroi to realized better way to raise idol. Kuroi just have too large a vision and willing to do anything to reach it.

Takagi used to produce an idol. this office girl / tutorial girl in game is her daughter.

Interesting to know her delusion habit addition came from her voice actress. haha.

They still compete to make the perfect idols.


Wow I don’t remember this part. they also put him in the spotlight properly.


Do you know that Yukiho’s birthday is Christmas’ Eve?
In this episode Makoto said, “I have another important celebration”.
YukihoMakoto confirmed


Haruka is the one keeping everyone together.
She wanted to become idol even from her childhood.
She always help everyone when they down
She know very well what is most important to us. Not works. Not popularity.
But spending time together with everyone.

(This time Chihaya help Haruka.Well, some part of it, since Haruka came to realization on her own)
therefore, ship Haruka x Chihaya?

Time to spam with everything else rawr. gao~
How can she being so beautiful not get married yet?

Fallen angel before Yohane make it popular. Kanzaki Ranko still make it better though

and a friend said: “Because Ranko is a PRO… XD

Cinderella Girls Theater – Huh-?… HUH-!?

Koume should stop bringing her ghost friend when being with her alive friends.

Koume-chan sometimes is misidentified as boy by some people

hope she didn’t get into accident.. wait she is old enough to have license???

more GIFs, prepare your hearts


Riina x Miku (Also known by their troupe name Asterisk)

tfw when someone younger is stronger than you

Must be from carrying all foods from supermarkets when sales.

She is so active and cheerful this beast tamer.

When Minase Iori

grown up.

Miria-chan is so cute too.

#hagiwara_yukiho aka shovel girl

Momoka Sakurai

such an Angel

And I am ending this with some videos.

Genius Shining Miki. The fastest to learn dance. The quickest to remember songs. Have the strongest desire to shine on the stage. And her life principles are to do whatever she wants or to do everything for love of her Honey.

Imagine them greeting you in your phone. Or when you play the game. such cuties



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