[Short Film] “BOY”

16-year old Emilie has always been a boy inside.  His big struggle in life is that his mother wants Emilie to be a girl and cannot accept the ways Emilie feels inside. At an easter lunch Emilie decides to do something drastic which has it’s consequences.

My thought:

This is definitely a trans film, no doubt from the title itself. have Awards too wow.

I am somewhat open-minded to what a girl want to wear and stuff. Some females wear boyish clothes but still identify as female. But this girl believe she/he is a boy.

Here is where it become complicated to me. I love yuri, but that is lesbian issue. Transexuality on the other hand is different. People with different kind of sexuality is okay. But I don’t agree with changing what you have been born with.

*brace for incoming unfollow and comments*

LGBT is an issue that pretty much banned in Malaysia. This is of course because Malaysia is an islamic state. Not that stop some people. I used to have a female worker that obviously has a girlfriend. Interesting enough, it most likely due to her was raped and her baby was born. Physical and emotional trauma, plus some family issues changed her.So I understand how it happened to her. Some others may due to environment, or fear, or whatever.

But for me, as you are born female, then you are still one. Even if you changed it with surgery. It is kinda weird though, why would I shared this movie then?

Because it still show some important that I believe in. Different of opinions between parent and children. Rebellion of the youth. How would a parent understand and still love their children even if their opinion differs?

And how my opinion differs from yours, but I still accept that you believe in them, and I believe in mine. that’s how my open-minded principle work. 🙂


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