Support Morikubo Nono!


I think people need to support more of #morikubo_nono even if she prefer to stay under the desk

And then I can spam more pic 😛

Full Name: 森久保乃々 (Morikubo Nono)

Full of negativity and terrified of everything in the world, Nono is half hearted about her decision to become an idol. She has considered discontinuing her idol career, but stops herself when she panics about all of the bad things that could happen if she quits. She admittedly has feelings for the Producer, but is always unable to voice this opinion. However, it’s through the Producer’s encouragement that she gains the strength to continue. Nono hides under tables or inside closets. When she trusts the Producer, she specifically hides under his desk for protection

Voice by: 高橋花林 Takahashi Karin

Birthday: August 27

Hobbies: Writing poems, collecting shoujo manga

Horoscope: Virgo

Btw this song below is so catchy ❤

“Muri~ Muri~”


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