Halloween *pam post


It is Halloween~ yay!

We didn’t celebrate it here, but I always loved the costumes they made. They are quite scary for some, but so cute in others. And when anime do costumes, they are among the cutest season fashion ever :3

Interesting that 2 years ago I still have no idea what it was.

Oh, I also heard some anime fans had an early Halloween Ball somewhere. xD Time to *pam away!

(PS: *pam)

PSS: Some events in the world
Bewitching Tristana in LoL. Ah, also Doom Bots of Doom also known as Teemoing (as in Harrowing)

PPSSS: Overwatch defense against zombieomnic. LLSIF new cards. Various games have all these Halloween theme this month. Even Alternative Girls has candies event


Mrs.Pumpkin’s Comical Dream

Black cats of Halloween

Alice of Human Sacrifice

Pumpkin Syndrome

Kyun! Vampire Girl

This Is Halloween AMV

Top 10 Best Witch Anime ~Halloween Special~

Dancing Stars On Me


Do you know there is an android game (I think) where one of the character looks exactly like Aoba?






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