Japanese Idols Dress As Nazis For Halloween?

A Facebook page I followed posted this image. My first impression was how similar it was to Senbonzakura costume of Hatsune Miku. [Warning: this is a rambling or dicussion about things that can be pretty heavy. Maybe.]

But when I reversed search the image, Google showed several news about Japanese idols dressed as Nazi costume.



I realized then that the hat, and the black color, really similar.That’s it. I thought. You know, I used to be quite sensitive to this Nazi thing but without any real knowledge about it. It was because during primary school, I just drew it for some reason behind my notebook that I sent to teacher for homework, and get lectured about it. Honestly, on that time I don’t even know that symbol at all, I just drew randomly. Why?


I drew something like this.

Because staple prank / caltrop looked like it. It was just a coincidence I drew the same symbol.

Of course I now knew why people get sensitive when they see Nazi references and stuff. Like banning the games having them, and things like that. But in my opinion, the J-idol might have just a coincidence. I am pretty sure that long sleeve thingy was not used by Germans. it can be pretty annoying when you are running around and tripped with gun in battlefield. Senbozakura by Hatsune Miku already showed that the costume is actually more similar to old Japanese clothes when they are just beginning to modernized and get affected by western. Well, at least that is the gist I knew from the last samurai movie

So, are German bad? Not really. In fact, they are among the best motor industry giant in the world. Those things about WW2 should really stayed in the past. If you really wanted to count everything… let’s try with what I have in my memory now

  1. Japan was an ally to Nazi.
  2. Japan was said to be cruel to Chinese and Korean.
  3. Malaysia in general, was invaded and colonized by several power mostly just for money / trade power/ economy / resources.
  4. Portuguese(one of the European I think), British (United Kingdom of Britain or UK now), and Japan. Portuguese I think was the one killing all Malays and destroyed all mosques in Melaka.  I guess now we can use A Famosa Fort as tourist attraction.
  5. Japan is most motorized- Notorious for being very cruel to Malays on that time. Like forcing to drink soap water until stomach… uhh… anyway. I am Malaysian but I still love anime from Japan.
  6. UK has English which pretty much the international language, so even if they colonized us in the past I am still using it.
  7. Japan attack Pearl Harbor.
  8. United State of America with consent of United Kingdom, done the most popular nuclear bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  9. Nazi killed Jews a lot during Holocaust.
  10. Israel / Jews killed a lot of people in Palestine.
  11. US attacked Iraq for oil.
  12. and so on and so forth.

If we really going to count everything happened in the past, we will be in a vicious never ending revenge.

Honestly, how can this triggered people when you guys keep saying grammar nazi? and anons even purposely troll others by intentionally misspell to trap this nice people want to teach proper English.

In my opinion, people should stopped being triggered by this Nazi things. Sometimes it is just a coincidence you know. it doesn’t means we forget about them. It is more about moving on, and actually try to live in harmony together. In peace which is what most people want.

Do we want to have more war over this?


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