Anime hugs

Hug is one of the way to express someone’s feeling. To connect to someone.

Being the cheerful, really warm self you are.

It is to show how cute the person they are hugging you just can’t help jumping on her.

Or they are family you really love.

To show they are really good friend.

Thanks them for the food they offered.

Hug to comfort the others

Make them fall asleep.

To show affection to the significant others.

And how you miss them so much after being apart for so long.

Or just to annoy em. Hehe~

And maybe showing off your harem.

Whatever the reason may be, a hug will make you warm inside.

If more than 2 involved, it become a group hug. I used to do e-group-hug the chat room all the time.

*Group hug*

*bear hug*


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