Shelter short film

“This world that belongs only to me, each and every day, continues on.

-Rin (Shelter)”

I have been looking at some anime FB page showing pics, arts and gif of Shelter, and I didn’t actually watched it yet until now. It was great ❤


From the youtube channel description, it is about a young girl living in a futuristic life simulation.


With a great song accompany her daily life and her tablet, I am astounded by the amazing animation. It was interesting as she draw everything for her living there.  Bit by bit she find more about herself until the reason why she is in that place. The film was almost perfect. 10/10 would watch again. It is sad, but at same time it is perfect. Besides, she is way way way way too cute ❤

*re-watching again for the 11th*

The letter that flashes on-screen for a split second:


To Rin
From : Dad
There was just so little time left after you were born.
I don’t know how much love I managed to pour into raising you after your mother died…
But your smile kept me going. (^_^)

I would like to have come with you, but I couldn’t.
I wanted you to forget everything and move on… I knew you’d be alright.
But you’ll get lonely, and remember.

I know you’ll grow strong, and read this letter some day.
I really wish we could have spent more time together. I’m sorry.
You were so young back then, too young to understand what they meant. So let me repeat…

My final words to you.

Some wallpapers from Shelter


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