Love Live! School Idol Festival, Love Live! School Idol Project

Tribute to µ’s last story

µ’s is an idol group consist of school girls with goal to save their school in multimedia franchise Love Live! School Idol Project. Based on the wiki, their seiyuu last act on April 1, 2016. This group is now pretty much replaced by Aquors in Love Live! Sunshine. And as I heard from an International Love Live! School Idol Festival (LLSIF) Facebook group and various Love Live! Facebook pages, they have their last story in the mobile game.


I used to play this a lot last year until earlier this year. Have to reduce it a bit for study. I am not the best rhythm game player though, so I play mostly for my our Hoshizora Rin. Keep dying to their expert song. Their songs though, when I listened back made me have this fluffy feelings. I can sing back some lyrics too, despite I haven’t listening to my Love Live! music collection for a while now. I miss them. :’)

A tribute video by a fan:

A video advert about their last concert. Re-watching this just makes me remember them songs even more.


A bit of history about them that I remembered, I tried not to research it again just this once.


Hoshizora Rin (2011)

I think they were made one by one on 2010, similar to how Idolmaster was done. They started with making on singles bit by bit. As popularity rise and they selling CDs like cakes eaten by girls, they improved on the characters, like making real name that is µ’s, just like how Aquors get theirs.


Also slowly but surely, they have more story plots and characteristic added, and their design evolved with the animation artist improvement. They proceed with manga, anime series and last but not least one of the most popular anime-related mobile game.

Now they are so popular almost everyone knew about them, even those not a weeb otaku. Maybe some people said it isn’t logical to love a virtual idol groups. It is to their own opinion, so I declare I love them and will miss them.

Thank you for the dream, µ’sic forever.

Are you also a Love Liver? Will you miss them too? :’)



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