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Daidouji Kira Genius (not so) Moe Blob

A genius who gained her PhD at the age of eleven. After she was sent back to Elementary School, Kira has become bitter with the world and plans to conquer it. The blob she controls is made of ether and can modify itself to suit whatever she may need.

I was surprised when I see a gif of her moving in that blob of water(?). She is interesting, as she is a genius, yet she is discriminated for her young age I guess? She look pretty bad ass when fighting tho. I know that the design is quite perverted (as what happened to all-female fighting games) but I feel like she is a cute girl that not many people know of. So as I found a hidden gem (well, not really) I wanna share it to the whole world! And maybe Kira can invade the world with cuteness instead ? 😛


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