Promoting Alternative Girls game

I am still trying to spread this to become more popular haha. Come to the dark side!


It is nice, with actual gameplay and depth mechanics with option for you to stare at cute girls all day. For those who have VR, you can see them thru it with the recent updates. Just make sure you have those… um… gyroscopes and VR headset and stuff required. (Google Cardboard is a cheaper alternative). Recently they gave us a lot of Gold for celebrating how many people follow their twitter.



Some of the weakness are it is full Japanese, and region locked. 4 stars can only be get using paid diamond or tokens, so F2P players will be weaker for sure. Like me haha. I used underhanded technique to reach rank 9 in PvP.


and the recent updates makes some of the displays better and faster, but I don’t like how the sorting algorithm messed up. I try sort my team to purple element only and it still goes for all elements.




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