“Today, your host in this blog is Futaba Anzu desu~

Coz producer-san gimme candies- I mean I am so happy to be my fans here! Hehe~”

I just feels like making a spam for Anzu today.

17 years old

In anime Part of mini unit called “Candy Island”

Love sweet candy and video games.

Hate works. Check above for way to bribe her.

Want royalty so become idols.
A genius. “Coz king must have knowledge”
Have some sort of plushie carried around everywhere.
Height: 139 cm (She is like smallest idol known)
Weight: 30 kg
Birthday: September 2
Blood type: B
Three sizes: ??? – ??? – ???
Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi
Signature : Anzu no Uta (Anzu’s Song).

And I make a bet even if she showed up at concert in her normal “You die if you work” T-shirt, her fans doesn’t care. Oh, did I mentioned she wants to pre-record her singing and replay it on her concert? 😛

And she is very close to Kirari.


“No! Work is pulling me away from my games!”

Anzu was lazy before Umaru-chan make it popular 😛

M-massage Kotatsu?!

These 2 are so similar lol

Cute samurai mode

“I’m king?”

Anzu love kirari very much. As friends. 😛


Tsundere Anzu?


Laziest Santa

Another lazy but genius combo




Anzu Ship


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